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Future version of the Cadillac Escalade EXT
The Pickup Version Of Cadillac Escalade: Is It Possible In The Near Future?

If you don’t remember, Cadillac Escalade used to have a pick up version known as EXT. The model hasn’t been very successful and ended up being ceased. Today, there’re rumors saying that Cadillac may bring its EXT back. It makes sense to some extent.

2018 Buick Grand National news
Will Next Grand National be Opel OPC based?

Great changes for Opel and General Motors are coming. After Opel has joined to the PSA group the use of its technologies by GM is impossible. It means that the future of the Buick’s sport version is blurred. However, General Motors doesn’t seem to be upset by this situation.

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Ford Investing Money In Michigan Plant For Future Bronco Production

Ford bosses decided to spend no less than $1.2 billion for plant in Michigan, including assembly plant in Wayne which will get most of this sum (around $850M). The reason for this is the new policy of the US government, encourage car makers to move their production back to the United States.

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2017 Nissan GT-R track edition
Nissan GT-R Track Edition Made for Racing

New track-oriented edition of the Nissan GT-R has recently debuted at the New York Auto Show 2017. The car is one more special edition of the famous model, which is designed specifically for track days. In terms of the tech specs it is all the same, excluding special suspension tuning, high-performance tires.

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2018 VW Passat US
New Passat For The US Will Be Very Special

Great looking and good equipped new generation Passat based on lightweight MQB platform is on sale in Europe for more than a year. While US market version is still an old outgoing model. However, rumors suggest that new Passat will be an exclusive – different design and options only for the USA.

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2017 Yamaha SCR950
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Ford self-driving car
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Keanu Reeves Motorcycle
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Hyundai Ioniq scooter
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Israel flying car
Urban Aeronautics Shows The Cormorant – The Flying Car

Urban Aeronautics are based in Yavne, Israel, they were setup back in 2001 for the sole purpose of creating a flying car. And they’ve achieved that. Nearly.

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Ford cancels Mexico plans
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Mercedes-Maybach G 650 Landaulet
2018 Ford Expedition revealed
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Scion FR-S Get Toyota 86 Name For 2017 MY

2017 Scion FR-S is going to be aimed at a younger generation. This is a sporty and stylish production with a nice price. Its engine is a kind of disappointment though.

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2017 Bugatti Chiron
Bugatti Veyron Successor Is a New Chiron

2017 Bugatti Veyron has prepared an impressive successor. The new production is known as Chiron and it is going to be even stronger that its relative.

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2017 Lamborghini Gallardo
New Generation Lamborghini Gallardo Is Possible?

2017 Lamborghini Gallardo is going to cost you a small fortune. How worth is it? Well, the vehicle has a stylish extrerior, comfortable interior and powerful engine. The final decision is up to you.

2017 Lamborghini Veneno
Lamborghini Veneno Get New Softtop Modification

2017 Lamborghini Veneno is already in production. The car is going to be come extremely stylish and highly productive. If you love speed and adrenaline you can’t leave this vehicle unattended.

2017 Jaguar XK
Jaguar XK Could Be Reborn As Luxurious Coupe In 2017

2017 Jaguar XK still has a lot to reveal but there’re a few details known already. The vehicle is said to become more powerful and stylish.

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