2003 Toyota Corolla Engine, Recalls, Review


If a new car is not within your budget right now, but you still need reliable transportation to get around in, the Toyota Corolla 2003 sedan is worth looking at.It won’t have all the advanced features of a new model, but I think you’ll find that it covers the basic necessities quite nicely.

2003 toyota corolla us spec

You or your family can get around comfortably, safely, and not spend a fortune on gas. Many consumers who have purchased one that was previously owned, additionally report the Corolla handles well in a variety of conditions. With these facts in mind, let’s take a closer look at the 2003 Toyota Corolla.

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2003 Toyota Corolla Engine

The base engine on the Toyota Corolla 2003 is a 1.8L 4-cylinder. It is front wheel drive and will provide about 130 horsepower to get you around.
As expected, one of the more popular points consumers note about this car is its fuel economy. On average, you get up to 32 miles per gallon in the city and up to 40 on the highways.

2003 toyota corolla engine

Configurations available on this model with MPG(city/highway) estimates are as follows:

  • CE Manual Transmission- 32/40
  • CE Automatic- 29/38
  • S Manual- 32/40
  • S Automatic- 29/38
  • LE Manual- 32/40
  • LE Automatic- 29/38

The Corolla is all about providing value and durability, and the many different available styles allow you to find what you really like and need.

2003 Toyota Corolla Recalls

As with many of today’s older vehicles, sometimes a recall is necessary when a defective part or potential malfunction is discovered.
Starting with the most recent, here is a list of some recalls for the 2003 Toyota Corolla:

  • 05-13-2015 Air bag Recall #15V286000
  • 01-28-2015 Air bag Recall #15V043000
  • 01-30-2013 Air bag recall #13V029000
  • 05-11-2009 Exterior Lighting Recall #09E025000
  • 04-07-2009 Exterior Lighting Recall #09E012000
  • 04-10-2008 Visibility Recall #08V162000
  • 07-17-2006 Exterior Lighting Recall #06E064000
  • 03-14-2006 Exterior Lighting Recall #06E023000
  • 03-26-2002 Power Train Recall #02V074001

It’s helpful to be aware of these recalls and discuss any concerns with your dealer.

toyota corolla 2003

2003 Toyota Corolla Specs

The compact Toyota Corolla is 4ft. 9.5 in. high and 5ft. 6.9 in.wide. It is 14 ft. 10.3 in. and sits about 5.7 in. off the ground. Head room for the driver and front passenger are 39.1 in. with adequate leg, shoulder, and hip room for everyone in the car.

EPA Interior Volume is 90.3 cu.ft., and the weight when parked at the curb is estimated at 2502 lbs. The fuel tank can hold a max of 13.2 gallons of regular unleaded gas and the 2003 Corolla has a distance range of about 369.6/475.2 mi.(CTY/HWY).

2003 toyota corolla s rear

Your total cargo capacity is measured at 13.6 cu.ft.

2003 Toyota Corolla Review

Whether you need a second car to get back and forth to work, reliable transportation for your kids or other family members, or you just don’t want to go all out on a brand new car right now, the Toyota Corolla 2003 is a very solid choice.

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2003 toyota corolla interior

It’s a safe, comfortable ride that has a non-flashy yet pleasing style about it. The highest marks were given by others who have purchased this edition in the categories of Value For The Money and Reliability. It also delivers in areas such as Comfort, Performance, Exterior Styling, and Interior Design.

I definitely agree with the multitude of reviewers who give the 2003 Toyota Corolla a big thumbs up!

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