2006 Dodge Ram 1500 Review, Specs


They say looks can be deceiving, and this wise statement is more clearly understood when we consider the Dodge Ram 1500 2006 edition. You might, at first, think it looks exactly like the previous year’s model, and therefore assume it must not have received many upgrades.

Dodge Ram 1500 review

Since there were only slight changes to the exterior of the truck in 2006, including a full grille made of chrome, revisions to the bumpers, a tailgate spoiler, and new headlights, this is partly true. But when we delve a bit deeper, we learn that the 2006 Dodge Ram added a brand new stiffer frame to strengthen the bones of this powerful vehicle.

2006 dodge ram 1500 review

The manufacturer has also done some major revisions to the suspension, and improved a bunch of other areas to help this line better compete in the expanding truck market. Consumers will no doubt be impressed by how much room is available in the cab for comfort and other practical uses.

It’s rugged, durable construction continues to attract buyers even though it may be getting up in age. For many, this is an excellent choice for an affordable first truck, or a reliable second vehicle to use for hauling and other odd jobs.

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dodge ram 1500 2006

Some owners report how well the Dodge Ram 1500 2006 performs even beyond the 100,000 mile mark. This is certainly a testament to fine craftsmanship and a quality product from the manufacturer.

While a few of you might be turned off by the gas mileage of the larger engines, you should expect this to be the case when purchasing a truck of this size and power. The 2006 Dodge Ram 1500 is designed to be a workhorse, but it also includes a nice dose of style and comfort to sweeten the deal!

2006 dodge ram

2006 Dodge Ram 1500 Specs

People are naturally curious about the specifications of a new vehicle they may be considering for purchase. The 2006 Dodge Ram 1500 stands at 6 feet 1.8 inches high, and measures 17 feet 3.7 inches in length.

It is additionally 6 feet 7.6 inches wide which accounts for the truck’s roomy interior. A 3.7 liter V6 base engine has 26 gallons of fuel tank capacity, providing around 14 to 20 miles per gallon in the city and on the highway.

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dodge ram 1500 2006

Horsepower ranges from 215 on the base model up to 500 on the larger engine editions.

And finally, the towing capacity on the Dodge Ram 1500 2006 ranges from 2,900 pounds, all the way up to 7,800 on the bigger models.

2006 dodge ram 1500 interior

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