2010 Kia Rio Hatchback and Sedan Review, Problems


The Kia Rio makes a return in the 2010 Kia Rio Sedan, bringing back its signature eco-friendly and roomy interior features that make it stand out on its own. With the Kia Rio 2010 test, it has to prove itself against competition of the likes of Toyota or Honda, and with its 2010 model the car has an overhauled exterior look so that it looks more luxurious. This makes it present itself with a nice package of new grilles, body color side molds, full body color bumpers with an equally impressive interior that holds automatic transmission, an eco-minder light that indicates fuel efficiency and much more. The Kia Rio 2010 test reveal further.

2010 kia rio

2010 Kia Rio Review

The first thing anyone would notice is the physical changes that have come to the Kia Rio 2010 Sedan and the most glaring ones are obvious the new color theme matching bumpers, re-thought of grille and of the noticeable being the body molding. The sizes and scope of the car are neat and simple, lipped tires wells and a slightly protruding theme of the overall car make it appealing when it comes to observation at the roof.

2010 kia rio sedan

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The 2010 Kia Rio also comes in the Rio5 model, which has a hatchback and the car also sports 5 doors. The insides of the car is not anything special since they’ve kept it pretty simple and neat, which seems to be the whole theme the designers were going for. The 110 horsepower from the four cylinders of this car powers it pretty effortlessly because of its low weight. The driving of this car is pretty satisfactory and is pretty standout for a sub-compact.

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Not to mention the comfy breaks. The 2010 Kia Rio Sedan and the 2010 Kia Rio Hatchback both are pretty spacey cars, with plentiful room in the front and back and even ample space in the trunk.

2010 Kia Rio Price

The 2010 Kia Rio is available in two basic models and then extensions of those two. The 2010 Kia Rio5 is the hatchback version. The normal Kia Rio Sedan is available at $11,695 while the Rio5 LX is available at $13,895. The extension model, the Rio Sedan LX costs $13,795 while the Rio SX costs $16,095. The Rio5 SX costs $15,195.

2010 kia rio price

2010 Kia Rio Problems

The Kia Rio never really evolved from its original 2006 interior design, it’s basically the same as it always was. Even for its spacey interior, four grown people will be able to fit uncomfortably. It has also been noted to have engine noises when driving at higher speeds. The safety is the main issue of this car. The IIHS doesn’t find as secure it could be, but gives it an okay. Poor result on side collisions.

2010 kia rio review

2010 Kia Rio Specs

A front wheel sedan, the 2010 Kia Rio Sedan sports 4 cylinders which boast a fuel economy of 28/34 mpg. Available with a 5 year warranty, the 5 seater and 110 horsepower machine is a good choice for a sub-compact vehicle for its price.

2010 kia rio problems

2010 Kia Rio Interior Pictures

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