What Is Good In 2012 Mercedes Benz C Class


A notable addition to 2012 is the Mercedes C-Class in the coupe body. It is worth noting that he opens great prospects for the company in the release of the two-door segment. Coupe and Sedan differ in body design, namely the interior has been redesigned, which now includes more high-quality materials, improved design, it has become the most interesting and attractive.

If you make a small review of the Mercedes C-Class of 2012 model year, you can understand that this line of cars meets the needs of almost everyone. The engines of this class have become more economical in 2012.

So, for economical people, the C250 model with an energetic four-cylinder engine is ideal. Mercedes C300 4Matic is designed for use in a frosty climate, for lovers of powerful cars the model C350 (302 hp) is perfect, and extreme drivers can get a model like the Mercedes C63 AMG with a power output of 451 hp.

Appearance and design

Everything is simple: elegant, accessible and exquisite. Comfort is very important for cars, and so the whole line is equipped with leather seats, there is an addition in the form of leather trim, as well as adjustable front passenger seat – there is a memory function. Also pleased with the equipment with an additional power package, which can add 30 horsepower, which can increase the maximum speed of the car.

In addition, a carbon spoiler on the trunk lid and red brake callipers are added. With regard to the sports line, there is a sports suspension, composite high-performance brakes, as well as additional cooling of the engine. As for the design of this line, the seats there are sporty, the original trimmed steering wheel, microfiber upholstery and special wheels of 19 inches.

Technical characteristics

It is worth paying attention to the safety of this class. In addition to the standard equipment, these cars include the Assist system – it is able to monitor such signs as inattention and drowsiness. You can also order an additional security package that controls blind areas or protects from emergencies.

So, the technical characteristics of the Mercedes C-Class 2012 are quite impressive. For example, the C250 model is equipped with a turbocharged engine – 1.8 liters, four cylinders. The automatic gearbox has seven gears, a rear-wheel drive. Acceleration from a none to a sixty miles per hour occurs in 7.4 seconds. The fuel consumption is from 13 to 19 mpg, depending on the driving mode.

The AMG model is equipped with a 6.2 liter V8 engine, which is the most powerful – 510 HP. It is obvious that the fuel consumption of this model is the largest of the entire lineup.

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