2015 Audi Q3 Facelifted And Improved In Every Aspect


The premiere of the compact Audi Q3 SUV took place in the already distant 2011 at the April Motor Show in Shanghai. The model has risen a step below the older crossover Q5, thus closing the model gap of crossovers of the Q-series.

Having a similar design with more serious Q5 and Q7, supplemented by several original elements, the SUV from the first months of sales took one of the leading places in the segment of premium compact crossovers. And given the company’s prudent pricing policy, among Q3 buyers there were many who planned to purchase a larger car of manufacturers of mass brands. This fact speaks volumes, as in a number of rivals of compact crossover from Audi such serious competitors as BMW X1, and also absolutely new models Mercedes-Benz GLA and Lexus NX.

In order not to lose the leading positions, the company’s management decided to update its bestseller, resulting in the November, 2014 announcement in of the restyling Audi Q3 of the usual civil version, as well as the charged crossover Q3 RS. It is noteworthy that the price of the basic crossover configuration is two times lower than the price of the charged one.

2015 Audi Q3 Exterior Features

Despite the fact that the restyling model did not affect the exterior design of the car, the German crossover nominally grew in length. The overall size of the body increased by 0.1″, amounting to 172.7″. The remaining parameters remained the same: the width of the car is equal to 72″, the height does not exceed the mark of 63.3″ (taking into account the antenna on the roof of the car). Wheelbase Audi Q3 is equal to 102.4″. The curb weight of the crossover is small and amounts to 3218 lbs.

The appearance of the car, although it has undergone some changes, has retained its expressiveness and recognition. Moreover, seeing the crossover in the city, it’s not at all difficult to confuse with the older Q5. The front part of the novelty is distinguished by the dominant radiator grille, the design of which is made in the modern corporate style of crossovers from Ingolstadt. However, this time the “Singleframe” grille has found a few modernized jumpers.

From the top, the grille of the radiator harmoniously pass into the headlights of the head lighting, the geometry of which, like the previous version of the car, is made in the form of a combination of strict lines and angles. But the filling of the headlights has changed. Now the standard version of the Q3 configuration includes xenon lighting and daytime running lights, made up of LED elements. Optionally, the future owner of the car will be able to order fully LED lights.

The angle of the car in the profile is a coupe-shaped body with a sloping roofline that ends behind a small visor of the spoiler hanging over the glass of the fifth door. Obvious sportiness is added to the appearance of the frying sidewalls of the body with pronounced reliefs of punching.

Powerful wheel arches are able to take on the wheels, shod in wheels of the 20-inch size. In the standard version, the crossover is equipped with 16-inch alloy wheels. It should be noted that the manufacturer has provided 16 different variants of wheel disks, for each of which an individual design was designed to provide a special perception of the car from a potential buyer.

Audi Q3 2015 Interior Changes

Changes in the cabin, in general, correspond to the general ideology of restyling the car. There is nothing revolutionary in comparison with the previous version of the model. Updates are exclusively cosmetic in nature, first of all, touching the color palette for individual elements of the interior.
Finishing materials used for interior design correspond to the premium segment car. Modern types of plastics are pleasant to the touch and are good to look at.

Inserts of polished aluminum emphasize the sports style of the machine from the inside. The leather used to decorate the seats is characterized by a high degree of durability. Having settled on one of the front seats, you understand that there is absolutely nothing to find fault with – the driver’s seat meets the most stringent requirements of ergonomics, and it is also convenient to sit in the front passenger’s seat. Space of height allows you to comfortably accommodate here the driver and passenger of any height. Adds comfort to an extensive set of adjustments of seats in the most different directions.

The rear sofa is also convenient, but only if only two passengers are located behind. You can drive a short distance and the three of us, but then there is no need to talk about the availability of free space in the rear seats. But the lack of space above the head, as well as the margin of distance between the knees of the rear passengers and the backs of the front seats, there is no crossover.

2015 Q3 Has 5 Engines to Choose From

Under the hood of the updated Q3, one of five possible motors can be installed. All engines, and these are two diesel and three petrol units, are equipped with a turbo-supercharging. The line of petrol engines of the TFSI family starts with a 1.4-liter 150-horsepower engine, whose peak torque is 184 ft lb. In pair with such engine it is possible to order 6-speed manual or 6-speed robotic S-tronic gearbox. For the Q3 with the 1.4 TFSI motor, only the front-wheel drive is available.

A more powerful 2.0 TFSI petrol engine can be selected with one of two variants of boosting, in which the engine develops 180 or 220 hp. For a less powerful motor, a 6-speed manual is available with front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive. A more progressive 7-speed S-tronic box is installed only on crossover with four-wheel drive. As for the 220-horsepower engine, it only comes in pair with the S-tronic box and transmits traction on both axles.

Two variants of diesel engines are a version of the same 2.0 TDI unit, made in a version with a power of 150 hp. And a torque of 250 ft lb, as well as in the version with a power of 184 hp. (The torque is 280 ft lb). Any of the diesel engines is paired with a 6-speed automatic or a 7-speed S-tronic box. The type of drive of the diesel crossover can be either front or full (the quattro drive is a proprietary drive). The robotic S-tronic box is equipped with a double clutch, which provides the car with continuous transmission of power flow from the engine to the wheels. And the system of the company’s all-wheel drive quattro guarantees a balanced and more stable car behavior on the road.

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