2015 BMW 2-Series Active Tourer Is The First Bavarian Minivan


Compact, economical and capacious – the main advantages of the new small-size minivan premium-class 2-series Active Turer from BMW. The car with a little over 4.3 meters in length can accommodate cargo up to 53.3 cubic feet.

The history of the model began in 2012, when the Bavarian auto giant presented the prototype of the first ever Active Tourer Concept car at the Paris Motor Show, and then saw the version of the Active Tourer Outdoor Concept, which was presented in 2013 in Tokyo and Frankfurt.

2015 BMW 2-Series Active Tourer Exterior and Interior Features

Compared with the concept car in the production version has lost a certain zest and aggression, both in detail (headlights, lights, front and rear bumpers) and body as a whole. Strict lines of the prototype in the production model have been softened by roundness, which is dictated by the need to provide as much internal space as possible with a compact size.

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However, the convenience of the compact is not deprived, as it offers a flexible interior with the ability to add up to 40:20:40 proportions adjustable in the back row of the seats of the second row, which increases the space under the load from 16.5 cu ft to 53.3 cu ft, and move the second row back and forth, Varying between the comfort of the rear passengers and the capacity of the luggage compartment. Instead of the increased cost, you can get a button to automatically open and close the tailgate, plus an additional system that opens access to the trunk with foot traffic under the bumper – will help with occupied hands.

BMW 2-Series Active Tourer 2015 With Euro Standards

The first cars of the line are selected from three engines – two petrol and diesel, which comply with the Euro-6 standard and are characterized by low fuel consumption. 218d Active Tourer – Diesel, 4 cylinders, volume 2.0 liters, power output is 150 hp, the torque is 243 ft lb. 218i Active Tourer – Gasoline, 3 cylinders, 1.5 liters volume, power output is 136 hp, torque 162 ft lb; 225i Active Tourer – Gasoline, 4 cylinders, 2.0 liters volume, power is 231 hp, torque 258 ft lb; The version with engine output of 231 hp is standardly equipped with an 8-speed automatic transmission, which can not boast of diesel and 3-cylinder petrol engines, where the automatic transmission is offered as an option, and a 6-speed manual transmission is installed in the base.

2015 2-Series Active Tourer Made For Safety and Comfort

Among the car’s options, for the first time in the classroom is a semi-transparent Head-Up Display, not distracting from the road and displaying important driver information on the panel above the instrument cluster. During the stop, a convenient “informer” is hidden in the depths of the instrument panel. It should be noted and became the usual addition to the new BMW services of the ConnectedDrive complex, which provide remote communication of the car with the owner via mobile devices.

The driver will receive the necessary information on traffic jams on time, and passengers will be able to enjoy themselves in social networks via pocket mobile devices, by connecting to a Wi-Fi access point. Another option is to supplement the compact with automatic cruise control with the possibility of influencing not only braking and acceleration to a given speed, but also an adjustment of the electromechanical steering system, which will save the driver from monotonous actions when driving in tight urban traffic jams and congestion on the suburban highway.

In the last days of November 2014, the manufacturer from Bavaria reported on the compact car configuration with the xDrive intelligent all-wheel drive system, which normally drives the front wheels, but can, if necessary, direct up to 100 percent of the torque to the rear axle.

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    Tks for the pics bro!
    Can’t really tell if the space is sufficient for 3 rows of seats. My guess would be that the usual poor thigh support for the 3rd row will still be evident. Nevertheless good attempt by bmv to move into this segment as IIRC they insisted that they would not do not too long ago!!

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