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Restyling in the middle of the cycle, or LCI, as it is called in the BMW, got to a family of 3-Series.

As planned in 2015 BMW will release 3 series restyling. Judging by the mood of the automaker, the update will not only affect the appearance of the car and removing small defects, but also significant changes turn up the technical part, namely, it is assumed that the “three” will get a new engines.

After four years since the appearance on the market 3 series F30 sedan, the upcoming update in 2015 seem quite logical and consistent with accepted standards of the life cycle model. But, according to some analysts, taken step of deep modernization, most likely, could be caused by the high potential of the new generation Mercedes C-class, which may outweigh part of the market not in favor of the Bavarians.


2015 BMW 3 Series face-lift new engines

One of the most famous portals, citing personal informants in BMW, said that as the new engines will be already known on Active Tourer and Mini, and therefore, the capacity of all modifications of the family will increase. So, BMW 320i most likely will get a 192-horsepower motor, against the now-installed 184-hp. And the most “charged” BMW 335i will be set with a 340-horsepower engine with 500 Nm against 306 “horses” in the present modification.

Expected upgraded four- and six-cylinder engines, in addition, it could be possible to introduce the latest 1.5L TwinPower Turbo three-cylinder.

According to some reports, along with updating the company BMW has decided to change the designation model number 3-series. So instead of the 328i and 335i models will receive the car with the designation 330i and 340i, respectively.

The thing is that changing the model name associated with the new engine that will be installed on the model 330i. Engine capacity will remain the same as the model 328i (2.0-L fourcylinder turbo). The new 340i model will be equipped with a 3.0 liter six-cylinder turbo engine.

Also expected the emergence of BMW 3-Series hybrid version with a turbocharged three-cylinder engine, electric motor and li-ion batteries.

Although information about the hybrid has never been published, but there are another rumors that the novelty will receive two-liter turbo engine, which will be paired with an electric motor, the characteristics of which, so far, nothing is known, but apparently he will be borrowed from the representatives of sub-brands “i”.

The updated car will be built on a new platform called “35up”. It is reported that the car will be built of magnesium, aluminum, high strength steel and carbon fiber. This materials composition made it up to 400 pounds lighter.


2015 BMW 3 Series face-lift release date

Article about the 2015 BMW 3 Series face-lift has been prepared on the basis of peer reviews and rumors from the Internet. The exact release date and the start of sales is unclear, but there is actual information.


2015 BMW 3 Series face-lift release date

Restyled 3-series will have to wait until the second half of 2015.

Most likely, the premiere of the 3-series will be held in 2015, at the Frankfurt motor show. Apparently, will be updated absolutely all vehicles of the third series, including sedans Touring and Gran Turismo. Updated model must be shown already this year, but this will be the last upgrade before the release of the new generation.

 Release date: mid 2015

In addition to the updated 3-series, the group plans to put the changes in motor range of 4-series and some others.


2015 BMW 3 Series face-lift exterior changes

BMW 3-Series was introduced nearly three years ago. BMW 3 series combine the joy of driving with the practicality of everyday use, so it is not surprising that the company is working on a minor renovation to its popular sedan and wagon.

The prototype of the Third Series sedan was seen during the road test somewhere in Germany. The model is instantly recognizable, but equipped with the updated bumpers. Camouflage on optics may mean that some changes will be made in the design of the lamps, but it is too early to judge. BMW 3-Series 2015 received a small facelift, sports front bumper and modestly revised grille.


2015 BMW 3 Series face-lift video review

Photo of 2015 BMW 3 Series face-lift


  • Engine Type : coming soon
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  • Max. Power : coming soon
  • Pwr:Wgt Ratio : coming soon
  • Bore & Stroke : coming soon

Prices, specifications, options, features 2015 BMW 3 Series face-lift to change without notice.
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