2015 BMW 7-Series Get The Final Update Before Generation Change


So we waited for the new BMW 7-Series 2015, which received a significant update. Exactly 35 years flagship “seven” pleases us with irresistible appearance and outstanding performance. The manufacturer has tried to surprise model fans for the anniversary. The model has changed externally and internally. New “seven” was created in Munich, basically, all the power went to change the front and the development of new engines. The equipment will be enriched:

  • all-wheel drive;
  • multimedia with 8GB memory;
  • upgraded night vision system;
  • programmable multifunction display.

This model is very popular, and now fans are ready to buy the new version at any cost. I will not say that the BMW 7 series price is high, it is at the same level. The model has always stood out for its quality and reliability. Dynamics, comfort, price and quality are the main advantages of this vehicle.

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2015 BMW 7-Series External Changes

Quattroruote designers edited the appearance of the model. Some of the old features have been preserved, some disappeared completely. Appearance has become more dynamic and sporty, there are interesting lines on the hood. Change headlights, body, grille and bumpers. Lights give a new model sportiness and aggressiveness.

Front optics presents smart headlights, which themselves regulate the distant light. They merge with the lattice, forming a rapid way. Rear lights maintained L-shaped, but little changed, having bright glossy colors. They defiantly look at night, so it will be hard not to notice the new in traffic flow. Itself optics presents two threadlike lines (and not three as previously).

The body has changed a bit, having other sizes. In the lateral parts marked stamps in the form of ribs. The front on the hood, too, can be traced dents, which act not only as a design element, but also as an aerodynamic device. Good aerodynamics is provided with a tapered bow and low profile roof.

The rear of the car remained the same exaggerated and attractive. The roof, hood and trunk lid are made using carbon fiber. The grille is still presented in the form of the nostrils. Divided into two equal parts by a thin layer of metal, it gives a glimpse with the help of a large chrome plating. There are changes in the dimensions of the grille slits, they become a bit bigger, letting in an increased flow of air for cooling the radiator. Designers enlarged bumpers, it is necessary not only to increase visual, but also to ensure good protection of the passengers and the driver in the cabin.

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BMW 7-Series 2015 New Interior

The whole salon of “Bavarian” is made in a new way. Another view of all the elements allowed us to increase the number of fans, after all, cabin plays a significant role in choosing a new car. BMW 7 series interior is decorated in light colors and this is just one of the design options. There are other, more familiar to us colors, for example, black is the perfect continuation of appearance. The manufacturer has not forgotten about a variety of niches for small items. Usually, the owners of these cars are family men who have children. So in these niches you can put phones, tablets or any toys.

Although the car is not the large size, it is quite roomy. The build quality is on the highest level. Plastic and other materials do not emit noise, pleasant to the touch. Seats have excellent lateral support. For a fee you can install ventilated front seats. The steering wheel is standard for BMW. Apparently so, in addition there is a package with a different steering wheel and door trim. The dashboard has a stylish design without any screens. Good entertainment system will not let bored during long journeys.

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4 Engines to Choose from for New 7-series 2015

The new BMW 7 series focused on reducing fuel consumption. For this was the reduced mass (now it is 1670 kg), slightly tweaked the measurements, set up more efficient motors. New model will receive the following engines:

  • 4-liter turbo V8 with 475 hp and 650 Nm of torque;
  • 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 with 450 hp;
  • 3-liter engine of 258, 320, 380 hp;
  • 6-liter engine with 550 hp.

Assistant for these motors will become automatic 8 speed transmission and ceramic brakes. All motors frisky and not greedy. The most powerful engine consumes up to 9 liters of fuel, this is very little for a volume of 5 liters.

The dimensions of the sedan are as follows: length – 501 cm; width – 182 cm; height of 143 cm; clearance 12 cm. Why the clearance of the new item is so small? Because it is necessary to improve dynamic performance and fuel consumption. Reduced weight, reduced dimensions and little ground clearance – all this makes the new BMW 7 series 2015 so effective and popular. New enriched electronic assistants: system Start/Stop; active steering, dynamic cruise control systems; energy recovery braking.

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