2015 BMW X1 Is The Most Affordable SUV From The Brand


Crossover BMW X1 is very popular among domestic connoisseurs of products of the Bavarian automotive concern. And it’s not in the name of the manufacturer, but in a successful combination of price, quality and functionality, aimed at young motorists, who prefer an active lifestyle. BMW X1 is good in many respects, but still not without its drawbacks, however, let’s talk about everything in order.

2015 BMW X1 Is More Like a Station Wagon

Let’s start with the appearance, which, by the way, was recently subjected to point restyling. The updated X1 was presented at the car show in Detroit. The crossover received slightly changed air intakes, slightly retouched optics, an “apron” made of stainless steel and a new design of alloy wheels. In the rest the car remained the same, attractive, stylish and dynamic. In the contours of the “updated Х1-го” read the desire to dominate the road, though here the dimensions against the background of larger brethren do not allow this desire to be realized to the full.

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Anyway, but to the level of X5 this compact crossover is not exactly reach. The body length of the smallest crossover BMW is 175.3″, the length of the wheelbase is 108.6″, the width of the body without mirrors is 70.7″, and from the mirror it grows to 80.4″, but the height does not exceed 60.8″. The curb weight of the crossover is from 3317 to 3659 lbs, depending on the equipment.

BMW X1 2015 Spacious Interior

The salon here is five-seater and quite spacious for a compact crossover. To the level and quality of the finishing of claims no one will arise, but the level of equipment in the initial configuration is somewhat frustrating. In more expensive versions of the equipment, the salon catches up with the usual level of BMW, but for an additional fee it is possible to expand the functionality with a whole array of options.

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The interior of the BMW X1 is decorated very attractively, slightly youthfully and with some interspersed sports style. Seats Bavarians offered quite comfortable, with a comfortable fit and a wide range of adjustments. In terms of ergonomics, the internal space of the crossover is thought through to the smallest detail: access to the controls is not difficult, the readings of the instruments are easily read, and the steering wheel does not overstress the hands. The only drawback – a small number of niches for storing small things, and the volume of the glove box is not impressive.

2015 X1 Range of Powertrains

The range of motors for the crossover BMW X1 in our market is quite decent and allows you to choose the right engine for any requests. As a base engine, a 4-cylinder petrol unit with a working volume of 2.0 liters (1995 cm³), capable of developing up to 150 hp, is used. Maximum power at 6400 rpm. The peak torque of this motor is 147 ft lb at 3600 rpm, which allows you to accelerate the crossover from 0 to 60 MPH in 9.7 seconds and provide a top speed of 125 MPH.

The second petrol motor in our market is also the 2.0-liter (1997 cm³) turbo-charged TwinPower Turbo unit, which develops 184 hp. Power at 5000 – 6250 rpm and about 199 lb ft of torque in the range of 1250 – 4500 rpm. The motor is aggregated either with a basic 6-speed manual or with an optional 8-speed Steptronic automatic. In terms of dynamics, the E84 X1 with an 184-horsepower engine looks slightly more preferable to the younger version – acceleration from 0 to 60 takes 7.8 seconds, and the maximum speed is 127 MPH.

The top gasoline unit at the same 2.0 liters volume due to the TwinScroll Turbo system, as well as Valvetronic’s continuously variable valve timing system, is capable of producing 245 hp. Power at 5000 – 6500 rpm. The peak torque of this engine is 258 ft lb and develops in the range of 1250 – 4800 rpm. Like the younger engines, the gasoline flagship gets a 6-speed manual in the base, which can be changed to an 8-speed automatic. The time of the starting acceleration of the crossover with a 245-horsepower motor from 0 to 60 is 6.1 seconds, the upper speed threshold is marked with a mark of 127 MPH.

Diesel engines for the BMW X1 are offered two and both have 4 cylinders, a working volume of 2.0 liters, a common rail fuel system of the third generation and differ in the degree of boost, which is regulated by an intelligent turbo system. The younger diesel engine can produce up to 184 hp. Power at 4000 rpm and 280 ft lb of torque in the range 1750 – 2750 rpm. The diesel flagship guarantees up to 218 hp. Power at the same 4000 rpm and 331 ft lb of torque at 1500 – 2500 rpm. Both diesel engines are aggregated with a 6-speed manual or an optional 8-speed automatic and are able to provide quite satisfactory acceleration dynamics from 0 to 60: 8.1 and 6.8 seconds respectively.

X1 2015 Is Based on 3-series estate

This car is built on the basis of the modified BMW 3 Series station wagon, in the design of which the multi-link rear suspension rods were replaced, as well as the rotary fists in the structure of the front independent suspension, based on the McPherson struts. In addition, the place of electromechanical power steering was occupied by an electrohydraulic amplifier. X1 with the younger gasoline engine gets rear-wheel drive, while all the other engines are paired with the xDrive all-wheel drive system. As a whole, the Russian car owners do not have any special claims to the crossover chassis, since the car feels comfortable not only in the city conditions, but also in light off-road conditions.

  • G2gard

    BTW, it is selling at Euro42k only for the bare bone model. Add all frills will become Euro64k.
    42k*1.8=S$75.6k only. Slightly cheaper than our all time favorite Toyota Corolla Altis!

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