BMW X4 Is A New SUV For Those Who Need More Compact X6


The manufacturer confirmed the information about the beginning of production of the crossover coupe on the capacities of the car factory of the BMW in the city of Spartanburg, which is in the USA, namely in South Carolina.

About the new compact or coupe crossover, we’ve heard for a long time, starting as early as 2012. All this time the manufacturer did not confirm any information, constantly postponing the presentation. We only knew that the novelty will be built on the basis of X3 and copy the design of the X6.

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X4 is X3 coupe

External exterior causes considerable envy and enthusiasm among competitors, which pleases fans of the German manufacturer and attracts the attention of others, which is also not unimportant. Now it becomes clear, in connection with which there were frequent shifts of the presentation of the crossover. The manufacturer carefully prepared, and this he did. The car really turned out great.

BMW certainly surprised their fans by releasing to the market a mix of sports coupe, SUV and station wagon, all this characterizes the new X4. All the unusuality of the crossover you notice, after examining its appearance, all the bulges, punches and bends.

Developing the body for the crossover the manufacturer has thought out the aerodynamic resistance, which is 0.33-0.34 Cx and it is for large dimensions with a clearance of more than 20 cm. The weight of the BMW X 4 varies within the limits of 3979-4265 lbs, it depends on the power unit And equipment package.

Sporty Style

Having talked about the external beauty of the Bavarian child, let’s move on to the interior. Here, of course, not everything is as fun and good as outside. Almost everything repeats his younger brother, only the external sports style won out on the placement of passengers.

In front, the driver and passenger can still feel comfortable, but a tall man in the back seat will clearly feel pressure on his head, due to the sloping-lowered roof. In comparison with X3, the front seats are located 0.7″ below, and the rear sofa is almost 1.2″. Even with this reconstruction, the ceiling is palpable on the heads of the rear passengers.


As we wrote above, the platform is used from X3, respectively, the suspension is similar. In front of two lever system, behind the five-lever. The manufacturer said that for the new crossover, the suspension was modified for performance, it became more rigid and sensitive. For all car completions, a proprietary all-wheel drive xDrive is offered.

Power units total six, three petrol and three diesel. All engines comply with the environmental standards of EURO 6, are equipped with 8-speed automatic transmission ZF, only the younger diesel has received a 6-speed mechanics. We now describe three gasoline engines of the xDriveI series: the 2.0-liter xDrive20i is a four-cylinder petrol unit that produces 184 hp and 199 ft lb of torque. The overclocking potential is up to hundreds of 8.1 seconds, according to statistics this is the worst result of all the engine line.

The 2.8 liter xDrive28i is a conventional four that holds 245 horsepower at a maximum torque of 258 ft lb. Acceleration to hundreds of passes in 6.4 seconds

3.5-liter xDrive35i – the most powerful six of the petrol, 306 horses at a peak torque of 295 ft lb. To sixty it will go for 5.5 seconds.

Having listed the petrol units, it’s time to tell the characteristics of the diesel equipment: The first of all, the smallest one that gets the 6-speed mechanics is the 2.0 liter four xDrive20d with 190 horses on board, the peak torque is 295 ft lb (This is like the most powerful gasoline).

The second three-liter xDrive30d is 258 hp at 413 ft lb. Up to a sixty will disperse in 5.8 seconds. The average flow is 6 liters. Probably the most top-end 3.0 liter diesel xDrive35d, the inline six with an additional turbine, produces 313 HP at a peak torque of 464 ft lb. Shooting to hundreds in 5.2 seconds.
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