Electric Version of Chevrolet Spark Provides Nice Combination of Range and Cost


Here is the most fuel-efficient electric car today. Spark EV is constructed on the basis of the existing Chevrolet gasoline model of the same name. Comparatively powerful motor, fast acceleration, short wheelbase. The flow rate is approximately 119 MPGe.

Blue Green

It has not the most attractive exterior design among ultra-compact electric cars. This car exists to replenish the class of small electric vehicles and not to claim an elegant competitive appeal.

Designers of General Motors used modern round lines and bright colors in the interior, which distinguishes it from such bizarre machines as Smart Fortwo, Fiat 500 and Mitsubishi i-MiEV. In length it is about 12 feet (it is 2 inch smaller than the Mini Cooper).

Chevrolet Spark EV has a characteristic coloring called Electric blue. Spark is produced in five colors: Electric Blue, Black Granite, Summit White, Silver Ice, and Titanium.


The electric cars are known for their exceptional acceleration abilities from the very beginning. Spark EV in all sources and media reviews is advertised as a car with an exceptional ability to fast sstart.

The Spark EV is equipped 130 horsepower engine. The petrol version has 1.2L producing 85 HP.

400 ft lb is a lot of torque. And this figure will be over all 40 miles, which makes the Spark EV very light and productive – Said Larry Nitz, executive director of GM for the design of electric cars.

From 0 to 60 the small Chevrolet Spark EV accelerates in 8 seconds. Those who have tested also talk about immediate acceleration, responsive management and good transmission. That’s all about pleasant and cheerful driving.

Efficiency and Range

The miniature Spark EV received an EPA rating of 119 MPGe. This makes it the most economical electric car in the US market and not only.

Range of driving on one charge is 69-80 miles. This distance is provided by a 20 kW lithium-ion battery. The warranty for the battery is 100,000 miles or 8 years. The battery weight is 560 lbs with a physical capacity of approximately 4.6 cubic feet.

Range is a lot depends on your driving style. Most likely, with such a torque you will ride a 65 miles in a single charge. If you drive carefully, you can reach up to 82 miles.


Spark EV uses 3.3 kW charging, the same as in the Nissan Leaf. The company made it possible to charge 20-25 miles from a 240-volt source in one hour. Usually other cars with 3.3 kW charging are added for 1 hour 10-12 mi. And that figure, which is now at Spark EV, at 20-25 mi, allows you to do already a 6.6-kilowatt battery. That is, the battery in our considered electric car is quite well optimized.

But it is not at all clear why General Motors did not take the 6.66 kW on-board charging for Spark EV, which is used in many other small electric cars. Maybe it was done specifically, that would be what to do the dynamics in advertising.

But for most trips and a charge this is quite enough, since almost all the charges are made at home at night.


The saloon is no different from the conventional Spark. The interior of the electric car in 2015 is characterized by colorful instrument panel and door panels.
It contains a few technological options, such as the touch screen MyLink control system, an intuitive menu, the integration application of the smartphone, internet radio, dictation by the voice of text messages, voice control and navigation.

The most affordable

The base price starts at $25,170 (+ $825 shipping) and makes the Spark EV one of the most affordable electric cars on the market.

Gasoline model costs about $12,000, but it is the electric version that throws this amount to an average of $27,500.

Spark EV has two trim levels: 1LT and 2LT. Both assemblies include the information system MyLink, Bluetooth integration of phones, USB for charging, 3 months of free use of Sirius XM radio, the ability to install additional applications in the information panel.

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