Facelifted DS5 Become A Standalone Model Of New Brand


The history of the Citroen DS5 begins back in 2011, when the French automaker presented its offspring at the Shanghai Motor Show. At that time it was one of the few cars that, according to the European specification, was in line with the D-class.

New Brand?

The design of the car is a symbiosis of classics and extravagance. The car has its own streamlined, but precise silhouette due to the complex lines, the multi-tier bumper and tail lights, concave according to the principle that was used in the Citroen C-SportLounge.

First of all, it should be said that DS can be called a subbrand of this brand, because the manufacturers not only created a new logo for the car, but completely eliminated the word “Citroen” from the name of the car.

If we talk about the changes made by developers and designers, they are visible to the naked eye: a new grille, and the entire front bumper of an improved shape, plus all-LED optics. If we add to this the new blue-black paint color of the body, the car looks completely new.

By painting some body parts in a darker color, the manufacturers have sensed that the side windows are merged with the tailgate window, and the car looked like a swift and slightly predatory one.

Spaceship Cabin

Inside the design is also bold, but not artsy. The central console is combined with the torpedo and look like one thing. The head unit is equipped with additional controls, which makes it a bit futuristic.

Exterior of the cabin is quite unusual also due to changes in the shape of the sensors on the instrument panel: the speedometer, tachometer and other elements have very intricate outlines.

According to many, the car Citroen DS5 resembles the cabin of the aircraft due to the perfect design of the instrument console, the technological head unit and the elegant lines of the torpedo. A multimedia system capable of interacting with a smartphone and control systems lost twelve buttons that have been replaced with touchscreen technology, which makes it much easier and more convenient to work with applications.

Technically Speaking

Citroen DS5 2015 can be purchased in seven different trim levels, which include both gasoline and diesel samples, and a hybrid. Gasoline models have a 1.6-liter engine volume, diesel is 2-liter. Available models with both automatic and manual transmission options.

All cars are equipped with front-wheel drive, dual-zone climate control, fog and rain sensors, standard audio system, ABS, ESP, fog lights and an advanced security system that even in the simplest configuration includes six airbags.

In the top-of-the-line configuration, massage functions on the front seats, a navigator and a panoramic roof are added.


If we talk about the size of the car, then they are quite high:
The length of this model is 178.3″;
Width of the car is 73.6″;
In height – 59.2″;
Ground clearance – 5.7″.
The luggage compartment can be extended by folding the rear seats. And then instead of an already impressive 16.4 cubic ft, we get 45.4 cu ft.

  • TheHatefulGamer

    Very high-quality interior, good insulation, although thought it would be better, good dynamics, pulls from the bottom, but the car is too heavy, deisel is definitely better, very comfortable seats as chair in your home

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