2015 Model Year Ford Mustang Fully Updated and Get EcoBoost Engine


The legendary Ford Mustang car in its fifth generation has been produced since 2005 and, as always, is of interest to car enthusiasts, which is caused by a large number of different special versions of the car and modified versions from various tuning companies.

However, in spite of all this, the American automobile giant decided to release into the world an absolutely new sixth version of Mustang for 2015 model year, whose prototype already has a lot of time in the lens of car spies.

More Like European Sportscar

The appearance of the Mustang 6 has changed. The designers of the company carried out the front of the car using the style of the Evos concept: the hexagonal radiator grille, which is also used in the Fusion sedan design, and the main optics got a narrow and predatory look. The back of the car is very similar to the car of the 5th generation. The profile also did not receive much change. The main design solution here was to join the rear side window to the central rack. The rear of the car is very similar to its predecessor.

Another good news for car enthusiasts will be the news that the Mustang has become lighter by as much as 396 lbs, because when designing it, high-strength steels and spot welding technology are widely used.

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Now With EcoBoost Engine

Another feature of the restyled Ford Mustang is the independent rear suspension, which replaced the beam, as well as a 4-cylinder turbocharged engine EcoBoost, a volume of 2300 cc with a output of 310 horsepower. (319 ft lb of torque). Previously, the Mustangs were equipped with only V-shaped “six” and “eight”. These changes made the car faster and now it consumes less fuel, and yet it all improved its handling.

Mustang Goes to Europe

I also want to note that for the first time in the entire 50 years of Mustang’s existence, it will be officially sold in Europe. And Europeans will be offered not only the mentioned engines but also a top GT trim with a V8 engine, a volume of 5 liters, which will allow reaching 399 ft lb of torque and 435 HP.

The American market will see also a modification with naturally aspirated V6 power unit, a volume of 3.7 liters and producing 300 HP and 279 ft lb, which will replace the 3.5 V6. The motors are equipped with 6-speed gearboxes, which can be mechanical or automatic (SelectShift).

Features and Gadgets

Also, the new restyling Mustang received: A system that controls the torque vector; “Quick start” (available in the top version with manual transmission). Another addition was the system, which allows you to change the settings of the power steering, the reaction of the power unit to the opening of the throttle, and also the algorithm of the stabilization systems. All these settings are carried out with the help of toggle switches on the central panel of the car.

Also, Mustang 6 received the SYNC multimedia system, which is equipped with a touch screen, a diagonal of 8 inches, responsive to voice commands. In addition, it is proposed to install a navigation system and a premium audio system with 12 speakers.


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