Honda Civic Type-R Received Turbocharged Engine


The Geneva Motor Show is famous for the fact that the most important events for the car market are held there. Since March 2, 2015, you can see exclusive premieres and conceps of different cars.

For 3 years the designers of the Japanese company Honda have been developing and looking for the best solutions for improving their cars. And finally, the new model Honda Civic Type R of the 4th generation is exhibited in Geneva.

Extreme Looking

Compared to the previous version of the Honda Civic Type R, the new model’s front part have been enlarged and the wings of the steel have been expanded to accommodate 20-inch tires and air intakes integrated to optimize airflow. In combination, all these characteristics provide maximum cooling and optimum performance.

All features of the simulation have real productivity advantages in addition to aesthetics. The rear spoiler was developed in order to provide additional downforce. All aerodynamic parts help to correctly distribute the incoming air flow, guarantee much better cooling of the engine and the constituent parts of the brake system. Aerodynamics provide stability at high speed.

Racing Cockpit

From the driver’s seat, a magnificent view is opened, the central console has all the progressive characteristics. Manufacturers improved the quality of the finishing material, added a number of shiny parts. The manufacturer slightly changed the transmission selector and equipped the model with a modern multimedia complex with a 7-inch. Large-sized touch screen.

The manufacturer installed inside the sports seats, which are covered with suede with a red stitch. The steering wheel is made of soft leather, the handle of the reducer is made of aluminum, which is pleasant to the touch. At purchase, it is possible to choose a variant with additional equipment thus in the car the parking gauge will be built in, will change appearance if necessary, will establish automatic headlights, folding mirrors, etc. For premium orders improvement of the audio system, navigation and additional safety are accessible.

Lots of Power from 2-liter Engine

Under the hood is a four-cylinder engine with a capacity of 2 liters, a capacity of 310 horses. Forces, the torque is 295 ft lb.

6-speed gearbox, acceleration to sixty in 5.7 seconds. When compiling the aerodynamic body kit by Honda, methods of hydrodynamics were used, as well as blowing the model at the carbase of the Japanese manufacturer.

In the basic equipment of the new Honda Civic 2015 powerful brake mechanism with 13.7″ discs. The new Civic R is equipped with a +R button, which increases the response of the chassis and transmission systems. The result is even more intense speed, which is ideal for sports driving.
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