2015 Honda Fit Electric Is Good Enough?


The 2015 Honda Fit EV is simply intended to be an economical little car to get around the city in. It will obviously not excite a broad range of consumers like other models in this popular line, but will instead attract a specific type of buyer. Japan-based manufacturer Honda did not go overboard with this edition, but instead kept it quite simple. This unique looking, economical little vehicle has a lot of personality to offer, as more and more people seek to go gas-free in their daily travels.

2015 Honda Fit EV Features

One of the nicest features that I like about the Honda Fit EV 2015 is its 3 different driving modes to choose from. You can commute back and forth to work in Normal mode, which will do just fine for purposes such as this. Or, you can switch into Eco-mode to save on power when travelling a bit farther. In this mode, depending on where you’re headed, you may not even need to have the battery fully charged to reach your destination. Finally, there’s the Sports mode. This is the mode that’s the most fun to drive in according to owners of this electric powered car. The horsepower range of these 3 modes goes from 63 to 100, all the way up to 123.

Some would refer to the Fit EV design as “cute,” while others are intrigued by its unique detailing and style. Triangular headlights frame a grille-less front end, while the back features sharp looking taillights below a spoiler at the roofline. However, the conventional 2015 Honda Fit has newer, more fresh and original design. All in all, this is a decent looking little hatch with a lot to offer green-commuters. It’s roomier than one would expect and provides a comfortable, quiet ride.
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Honda Fit EV 2015 Pricing

It’s hard to find an exact quote on a price for the Honda Fit EV 2015, since previous editions have been offered for lease only. But an estimated guess would be somewhere around the mid-30’s, possibly $37,500, as this technology costs a bit more to produce. There are only a few options and accessories available that would push the price any higher. Savings on fuel for this electric powered car could offset the higher price tag, however.

Electric Fit Travel Range

The Fit EV has an excellent range in miles, in fact it’s better than most of its competitors in this regard. Since this car is all-electric powered, a similar system needed to be used which rates mileage as if it ran on gas. These numbers come out to around 132 MPG in the city and approximately 105 on the highway. Not as impressive as Tesla Model S 85D 2015, but the price tag is incomparable.

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