2015 Honda Fit Review, Specs, Interior


If you take everything that compact-car buyers want and roll it into one impressive vehicle package, you would probably be looking at a Honda Fit. It’s got plenty of room for carrying what you need to, and a bunch of other modern features which keep the 2015 edition at or near the top of its class.
There was no 2014 model available for the Fit, but it’s back and better than ever in 2015!

honda fit 2015 review

2015 Honda Fit Review

The Honda fit 2015 scores high in all of the rating categories.
It has impressed consumers with:

● Performance
● Reliability
● Interior Design
● Exterior Styling
● Comfort
…and the ever popular Value For The Money category.

honda fit 2015

Everybody expects a car like this to be fuel-efficient, and naturally it is. But the interior design provides more space than you would normally expect, along with a smooth quiet ride.
Many of the standard features available with the 2015 Fit cost more on similar vehicles from top competitors.

2015 honda fit msrp

Auto manufacturers have been working very hard to fill the growing desire of consumers for a better quality car in this class, and Honda has stepped up to the plate big time. Pretty much any Honda Fit 2015 review you find will share this same sentiment.

If you’re looking for an affordable, practical ride, this just may be the perfect “Fit” for you!

2015 Honda Fit Specs

The specification s for the 2015 Honda Fit are as follows:

*Height- 5 feet, 0 inches
*Length- 13 feet, 4 inches
*Width- 5 feet, 7 inches

2015 honda fit

Its 1.5 liter base engine has a fuel tank capacity of 10.6 gallons of regular unleaded gas. You will have 130 HP available and get around 33 miles per gallon in the city, 41 on the highway.

The maximum cargo space of this subcompact car is a roomy 52.7 cubic feet.

There is also a full electric Honda Fit EV available.

Honda Fit 2015 Interior

The ever-popular rear magic seat is still available on the Honda Fit 2015, with its various adjustments for transporting people or cargo. Along with that they’ve added additional space to keep you more comfortable in your travels.

2015 honda fit interior

There are 4.8 inches of extra leg room in the front, and the overall interior area is 5 cubic feet larger than previous editions. While you enjoy this extra room, many consumers report less abrasive noise from the outside as well as a reduction of vibrational disturbances.

These are definite improvements which will please a lot of people who decide to purchase a 2015 Honda Fit.

2015 honda fit msrp

Honda Fit 2015 Price

The 2015 honda fit MSRP starts at $15, 650, with these options available:

1. LX Manual- $15,650
2. LX CVT- $16,450
3. EX Manual- $17,650
4. EX CVT- $18,360
5. Ex-L- $20,925

The NHTSA safety rating is 5 stars, making it an overall great value in the subcompact car marketplace.

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