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Current year has provided a lot of new products in the automotive world. Now a leading place classes of vehicles occupy a compact SUV crossovers. Almost all companies in the world began actively to create or improve their models of this class.


In order not to fall behind their competitors and to take its place among the manufacturers of compact crossovers, the designers of the Japanese firm Honda decided to revive one of his crossover models, namely HR-V.

This crossover was made early 1999 and 2006, was then removed from the conveyor. At US it is almost not known, as sold at home. And now, after 8 years, this car company shows the novelty of the Paris motor show 2014 – Honda HR-V 2015.

And at the auto show was brought to a model intended for European users, as in Japan, this compact car is already sold, though under the name Honda Vezel.


2015 Honda HR-V dimensions and appearance

For this crossover used Honda Jazz platform. They are really compact. Its length is 4.295 m, width – 1.77 m, and height – 1.605 meters, wheelbase of this crossover is 2.61 m, clearance ranges from 170 to 185 mm

When creating this car designers used coupe form of the body. The front part of the compact crossover looks quite attractive. The front grille is almost absent.

There is only a small box with printed logo between the engine and air intake. The intake is divided into two trapezoidal pieces. The upper part is covered with horizontal stripes, the bottom went to the coarse grid. This air intake cover subsequently hardly good effect. The distance between the strips of the upper intake is significant, and also mesh with its large cells will not be able to hold gravel and crushed stone.

The front bumper on the edges of the front part has a pretty solid contours. In the lower part is small skirt. On the massive side bumper has a small stylistically decorated extra air intakes.

Head lights with integrated led running lights have almost teardrop-shaped, but with the available acute angles, resting in the grille.

The side parts of the vehicle have a significant number of contour forgings. On the front doors installed the usual handle their opening. The rear door handle opening have the same layout as the other Japanese compact crossover Nissan Juke.

The rear part worked out too well. The transition from the roof to the stern made smooth. The back door rather marker that will have a positive impact on the ease of access to the Luggage compartment. This vehicle door has an impact on the rear bumper, you may say it is little. Rear lights have horizontal location and only the rear turn signals are located in the tabs down.

The exterior of the compact crossover is very dynamic, and lovers of cars in this class should be like.


2015 Honda HR-V interior

The interior is designed very well too. First of all focused on convenience. To increase interior space, designers placed fuel tank not in the rear of the car but in the middle.

Dashboard is a display, which displays all the relevant information. It is traditionally behind the steering wheel. The wheel is multifunctional. Central console is the display of the multimedia system. For more convenience to the driver he rotated slightly in his direction. The climate system this crossover is controlled by touch.

The designers note that all vehicles, regardless of optional equipment have a high degree of sound attenuation.


2015 Honda HR-V release date

Article about the 2015 Honda HR-V  has been prepared on the basis of peer reviews and rumors from the Internet. The exact release date and the start of sales is unclear, but there is actual information.


2015 Honda HR-V available power plant and transmission

Intended for Europe Honda HR-V 2015 specifications differ slightly from Japanese Vezel. One of the power units for both models is common. This 4-cylinder gasoline engine of 1.5 liters, with a measure of power output of 132 HP

At home this crossover offers yet and hybrid installation that we will not be available. But to the “European” HR-V 2015 proposed another installation, but diesel with volume of 1.6 liters. It is assumed that the diesel engine will have two degrees of force, the first will provide 120 HP, the second – 160 HP

These power units will be equipped with a 6-speed “manuals”. Additionally, for petrol engines will be available variator, and for diesel – 7-speed gearbox-automatic. Crossovers will be as with the actuator on the front axle and four-wheel drive. Data about speed and dynamic performance car with this or that unit is still unknown.


2015 Honda HR-V estimated cost and release date

Unknown and what options were provided for the car and how they will be named. Japanese Vezel is available in five trim levels, perhaps we have be less.

It can be assumed that the new Honda HR-V 2015 price will be slightly higher than Japanese colleague. And yet, if you convert the price of the Honda Vezel our money, the price is very tempting, and if we have it and will more than likely not much.

In Europe, this crossover will be available next summer.

Release date: Summer 2015


2015 Honda HR-V video review

Photo of 2015 Honda HR-V

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Prices, specifications, options, features 2015 Honda HR-V to change without notice.


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