Honda Jazz Is The European Version of Fit


Honda’s declare their readiness to presenting an updated model of a minivan Honda Fit, they sell under a name Honda Jazz. It is known now that 2015 Honda Jazz become shorter, while it gets lengthened wheelbase version. More headroom increases this model.

Although the dashboard Honda Jazz has not changed much since the observed small changes, but in the center console there is an advanced option for information – an entertainment system that supports, USB, as well as Bluetooth.

The Japanese manufacturer has chosen the Paris Motor Show autumn 2014 to place the presentation of the new Honda Jazz. Some the long-awaited first details and photos were published in the second half of September. The release will take place in the summer of 2015.

History of brands

Honda Jazz is one of the oldest cars in this class. It also well known as the Honda Fit. At the market, she appeared in 2007 and immediately took the place of honor. The model reissued twice in 2008 and in 2011 and became an almost perfect family car, despite its size.

2015 the Honda Jazz has presented at the Detroit Motor Show 2014. It is known that the car was going to upgrade to the 10 assembly plants throughout the world and sold in 123 countries around the world.

2015 Honda Jazz release date

2015 Honda Jazz – front-wheel drive hatchback. The front suspension is independent. Racks classic – McPherson. It also have paddle-shift gearbox replacing the traditional gearless transmission from the previous model. Disc brakes allow to reduce stopping distance. On the front wheels – 262 mm, rear – 239 mm. All movements of the driver trapped electric power steering.

New Honda Jazz Engines

Gasoline engine 1.4-liter four-cylinder combined with a five-speed gearbox. With this set, the car will accelerate to 62.13 miles per hour in 12 seconds. Moreover, Jazz maximum possible speed – 79.54 mph.

Roomy interior, good quality control system and allow the engine to call it a great middle-class car. According to numerous reviews Jazz very reliable and economical. Best suited for girls and women, but also men from the acquisition of such refuse is not necessary.

The starting equipment price of $14,990 for the Jazz. VTi with the manual gearbox ($ 16,990), it’s certainly not a bad package, but spec it up a little and it can get pricey.

Honda Jazz proved to be excellent as evidenced by the sales results of previous generations: Jazz continued its wins, with 6,450 vehicles sold in 12/2014 for an increase of 39.7% as total Jazz sales increase of 10.9 percent.

It is known that this new model will be first collected in North America, though not in the United States. The car will be assembled in Mexico.

2015 Honda Jazz video review
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