Honda NSX Promises Revolution In Supercar Industry


Technical data is hidden, we only know about the engine – V6 and obscene attractive design, but fans are already inpatient for the sales start.

Honda NSX-edition supercar was discontinued in 2005 – at the same time the Japanese declared creation of the second-gen NSX. But really the desires of the Honda attorneys was to happen not very fast: the concept vehicle was shown only in 2012. Slightly different concepts for a long two years traveled around the world’s motor shows. Finally, in January at the Detroit public saw a pre-production second generation NSX.

The design of the car is fully resembles the exterior of the Acura NSX concept, which was shown to the audience in the last year during the Detroit motor show.

Future Specifications

  • Engine: V6 and 2 electric motors
  • Capacity: minimum 480 HP
  • Transmission: 7-speed automatic
  • Drive: full (for all markets)
  • Gross weight: 1852 kg
  • Number of seats: 2 passenger
  • Fuel consumption: no more than 12 liters and electric charge
  • Base price in USA: $150.000

It is known 2015 Honda NSX got a 7-speed gearbox with double clutch, new version of direct injection V6 engine, all-wheels-drive for the European and USA market. As stated Ted Klaus, 2015 Honda Acura NSX chief Manager, the car gets four-wheel Sport Hybrid SH-AWD drive, considered to be at this moment one of the best worldwide.


2015 Honda NSX release date


Unique All-Wheel-Drive

Honda NSX debuted a new four-wheel hybrid system drive, the Sport Hybrid Super Handling All-Wheel-Drive (SH-AWD), which will be a breakthrough in comparison with the similar systems of competitors.  SH-AWD system will include three power units: two electrical motors, which will rotate the front wheels, and a traditional V6 six-cylinder engine fully responsible for the rotation of the rear axle. Also the car will set a completely new gearbox with double clutch.

The company plans to capture the segment of the common sports cars, basing on the external appearance of the model. Unlike competitors, the model game with the driver creating a driver as part of the vehicle in the process of driving and management. The best aerodynamics, modern computer interface and great interior. The acceleration of the Honda NSX 2015 to 100 km, planned for 3.1 second – a great opportunity for fans of power driving on electrical motors.

The 2015 Honda NSX new generation sports car presented at the auto show in Detroit. According to rumors, the car will be accessible in the US and Europe in late 2015. Direct competitors are Corvette and R8 and Porsche 911.

Production model plan to produce only in the United States previously in Ohio. Engineers believe that the 2015 Honda NSX is a living car, and not a set of numbers and focus of analysts. 2015Honda NSX will not be easy to buy, the price is rumored to be $ 150,000, but the company assured that already have pre-orders from fans Acura. Honda NSX Concept announced as the Honda Acura NSX 2 or Acura NSX Concept 2.
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