New Compact Jag Receive XE Name and Innovative Engines


Jaguar XE, this is a new and extremely important model from the British brand. The arrival of Jaguar with the new XE model in an extremely competitive segment of the market went brightly and not without self-admiration by the brainchild of the brand’s manufacturer.

In principle, there could be no other option, in a compact representative segment in Europe, there are so strong players (if one has forgotten it is the BMW 3 Series, Audi A4 and Mercedes-Benz C-Class), that without claiming to be worthy of expecting. For some, although a small place under the sun can be counted.

Brilliantly Looking

A team of designers led by Ian Kalum created an elegant, sporty, but somewhat conservative-looking sedan. So it is, so, it would be happy, but the chief designer complains, the modern Jaguar is seriously suffering from the “identity crisis”. No wonder some brand fans buy old Jags and even the nose will not turn aside more fresh models.

But still, Jaguar, even in the era of globalization and unification remains the Jaguar. The new model has many, features inherited from the F-Type or larger XF models.

The trim levels in terms of finishing and materials selection are made extremely qualitatively, however on expensive versions also the frank luxury is applied. In those versions where the word “Sport” appears in the salon, there are actually notes of “sportiness”, but the leitmotif is still luxury and rigor.

Hi-Tech Innovations

The new model is 20% stiffer than the large XF, which allowed engineers to create an almost perfect balance between smooth running and handling. This is also not the last role played by the front suspension on the double wishbones and the intelligent integrated multi-link rear suspension, adaptive shock absorbers and the ASPC system for adapting to the road surface.

Under the Hood

Another technical innovation has not been used for a long time on the Jaguar, a manual gearbox, a new six-speed one, although the redesigned automatic by ZF with 8 speed will also be installed on the XE.

The choice of the five motors for the Jaguar appeared for the first time. The 2.0 liter 161 hp diesel engine opens the gamut. All engines are part of the family of Ingenium motors.

Do not look at the power, the main feature of the diesel is torque – 280 ft lb at 1,750 rpm, will set the heat to almost any gasoline engine of the same power.

Jaguar is also famous for its maniacal, in another way you will not call it an approach to the sound of the engine. This diesel was no exception, the engineers worked hard to eliminate the natural noise and knocking of the diesel engine. As a result, a smooth and powerful rumbling of the engine was obtained.

Add a second, more powerful version to the diesel which are two 2.0-liter Ingenium gasoline engines of different power and a top-of-the-way 3.0-liter V6 with supercharger from the F-Type, with which the sedan will speed up to 60 miles per hour in 4.9 seconds.
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