2015 Jaguar XE, 2015 Jaguar XE R Sport review


The new Jaguar XE 2015 has been a long awaited ‘small’ Jaguar car that can potentially give the BMW ¾ Series and the Mercedes C class a run for its money. The new Jaguar will be seen a totally tech dependent machine. The all new aluminum body will account for some serious weight loss and in turn better fuel economy. A turbo four supercharged V-6 engine rocking an 8-speed automatic is available. A manual one will be available later. While it may lack in the space and sometimes lackluster infotainment system, the Jaguar XE 2015 is a highly desirable car either for company cars or private owners. The XE comes with an ASPC (All Surface Progress Control) which is a highly advanced system that maintains tractions and its stability allows drivability on slippery surfaces by providing comfortable constant speeds. Those looking for a sporty ride can opt for the 2015 XE R sport version.

Jaguar XE 2015

2015 Jaguar XE Review

The 2015 Jaguar XE is a delight and a potential hit for Jaguar. It smashed through all requirements and the lower-powered diesel is a joy to ride. It is pretty eye-catching indeed but definitely not very attractive. The diesel engine car is powered by a 2.0 turbo diesel lower-powered 163ps spec.

2015 Jaguar XE R Sport Review

The 2015 Jaguar XE R Sport comes in a bulkier shape. The air dam is a bit more sturdy and aggressive. The side skirts and mild spoiler show off its sporty look ever so subtly and the chrome detailing really separated it from the base version. The XE R sport has sporty and grippy leather seats. Bi-xenon lights embellish the front headlights.

2015 Jaguar XE pictures

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2015 Jaguar XE Interior

Jaguar has probably the most innovative and easiest keyless ways to get into the cabin. You just open the door and that’s it. Once you’re in, the leather seats will be there to keep it that way. An 8 inch screen that is tons better than its predecessors dawns the front of the car. The XE still has a great combination of virtual buttons to actual physicals ones. It’s a great harmony of both. It isn’t the roomiest of cars; the front seats have an acceptable leg space but the back is definitely comes across as a cramped place. The boot however is quite the opposite. 455 liters of space without any spare wheels but there is a compressor.

2015 Jaguar XE interior

Jaguar XE 2015 interior

2015 Jaguar XE Specs

The 2015 Jaguar XE rocks a 1900cc four cylinder turbo diesel engine that generates 160 bhp at 4000rpm torqueing and 280lb per feet at 1750-2500 rpm. The rear wheel sedan has an eight speed-automatic transmission. Tests reveal that the 2015 Jaguar XE reaches from zero to 60 miles per hour in 7.7 seconds. It has a fuel economy of 71.7 miles per gallon. The all-aluminum car weighs in at a modest 1500 kilograms.

2015 Jaguar XE Price

The 2015 Jaguar XE latest news suggest the price to be $40,000 while the latest news for the price of the 2015 XE R Sport Jaguar is at $51,500.

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