Jeep Renegade Is The Small SUV With Italian Roots


In the spring of 2014, during the Geneva Motor Show, the Jeep leadership presented to the world public its new compact crossover named Renegade. Novelty immediately attracted the attention of the public not only with an original title, translated as an apostate (traitor), but also rather extravagant appearance. According to official data, the crossover is based on the SCCS platform, which Renegade shares with the Italian Fiat 500L. Moreover, it is at the plant Fiat and assembled novelties.

100% Jeep

It is worth paying tribute to the designers who have done everything possible to preserve the true face of the classic Jeep, whose roots go to the legendary Willys. So, the front part of the car received branded round headlights and a vertical falshradiator grille, which allow instant identification of the manufacturer.

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Separately, it is necessary to highlight the presence of an original hump on the hood, as well as a stylish plastic bumper with a built-in air intake, daytime running lights and fog lights.

In the classic version, the car’s clearance is 200 mm, but if desired, the customer can order a special version of Trailhawk, offering a ground clearance of 8.6″, as well as the best geometric possibilities.

In the final analysis, the exterior of the novelty proudly declares with its entirety that it is not a regular “sugary” crossover, but a real crossover SUV capable of easily storming off-road and confidently feeling on rough terrain.

Nice Looking Interior

The interior of the Jeep Renegade echoes with its exterior and looks stylish and modern. The architecture of the front torpedo somewhat resembles that of the Fiat 500L, but the designers of Jeep did their best to make the similarity minimal.

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Directly in front of the driver is a three-spoke multifunction steering wheel, as well as a well-read dashboard, represented by two large dials of speed and a tachometer, between which is located 7-inch screen of on-board computer.

The original center console received a stylish multimedia unit with a 5 or 6.5-inch display and an original microclimate control unit, represented by three round twisting. Special thanks to designers and designers for the use of high-quality finishing materials and the presence of color inserts that echo the color of the car body.

The volume of the trunk in the hiking state offers 12.3 cu ft of useful space, which can be increased to 30.7 cu ft by folding the seats of the second row. Especially for transportation of a dimensional cargo, the length of which exceeds 59″, it is possible to fold the back of the front seat.

In general, the Jeep Renegade salon leaves a positive impression not only thanks to the original architecture and rich equipment, but also high-quality materials and good fitting of the parts.

Fiat Engines

As mentioned earlier, the car is based on the SCCS platform. True, unlike the Fiat 500L, Renegade is distinguished by the presence of a unique independent suspension, represented by the MacPherson and Chapman stands, in front and behind, respectively. The base car is equipped with a front-wheel drive, and as an option the customer can order the installation of a 4-wheel drive system – Active Drive with Selec-Terrain ride mode.

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In the top modification of the Trailhawk, the car is additionally equipped with a locking central differential, a special downshift that facilitates the slide from the hill, and an additional ride mode

for rocks. All wheels are equipped with disc brakes, and the steering wheel is equipped with an electric booster.

The range of Jeep engines “Renegade” is represented by 7 power units, 4 of which are petrol, and the remaining three are diesel engines. Petrol engines are represented by:
Two turbocharged 1.4-liter motors with a power of 140 and 170 hp. In a more powerful version, the acceleration from 0 to 60 is 8.8 seconds.

1.6-liter 110-horsepower engine, accelerating to 60 MPH for 11.8 seconds.
2.4-liter 184-horsepower gasoline engine, capable of accelerating to 60 in 9 seconds and develop a maximum speed of 124 MPH.

Diesel modifications are presented:
1.6-liter 120-horsepower engine;
Two 2-liter power units with a output of 140 and 170 hp.
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    What is everyone else considering if they do not purchase a renegade for whatever reason. Price, comfort, size, quality. I am considering a Subaru Crosstrack if I do not fall in love with the renegade. I am also only interested in the TH edition so an over priced renegade for the TH is a concern for me.

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