Kia Rio Faced Some Changes In 2015


The Kia Rio has always faced some tough competitors in the sub-compact category and sales have quite not been up to the mark with the Kia Rio as opposed to Kia’s other cars.
If you had to point out faults in the Kia Rio, you would hardly find a few glairing ones this time around.

Safety being a somewhat concern, but other than that Kia Rio has always been a perfectly fine vehicle; yet it has never really stood out from the crowd. To put aside that illusion, for this edition, Kia has put a lot of effort into making it more appealing and the 2015 Kia Rio MSRP will surely have you thinking into making the vehicle your own.

2015 kia rio

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Some External Changes

The 2015 Kia Rio changed up a lot of its external design features and gave the world way above an average vehicle, to look at. The 2015 Kia Rio offers customers two models to choose from- the classic and standard four door sedan for the most common use and a five door hatch. The five-door hatch certainly holds a more ‘confident’ look- or so to speak than its four door sister model, but the four door model is nothing to shy away from either.

kia rio 2015


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The four-door avoids the conventional and rather odd looking tall trunk look and goes for a more rakish design, and the five-door hatch has a sportier front end. The 2015 Kia Rio MSRP is perfect for the features it provides.

The Interior of the 2015 Kia Rio compliments the external design buy offering a throwback to classic 80’s interior design right down to the toggle boxes but it does not mean it function any less well. The functionality of the interior controls is much more advanced an up to the mark for small cars. Most styles of the 2015 Kia Rio receive an LCD screen complete with the premium design accustomed in small cars

2015 kia rio msrp

The 2015 Kia Rio offers a 1.6 liter- direct injection four cylinder engine delivering a horsepower of 138 hp. For the 2015 Kia Rio MSRP that is more than you can ask for in that price. With great gas mileage, confident styling and decent power at your disposal the 2015 Kia Rio MSRP is perfect. What is more is that it is available in 6 differing styles in the market, each with an affordable MSRP.

2015 kia rio review

Suggested Price

The 2015 Kia Rio MSRP is from the range $17000-$18000. Kia Rio comes in 6 different styles : EX 4dr Hatchback with a MSRP of $17,190, EX 4dr Sedan with MSRP being $16,990, LX 4dr Hatchback MSRP of $13,990, LX 4dr Sedan MSRP of $13,990, SX 4dr Hatchback of $18,290 and SX 4dr Sedan with an MSRP of $18,090. All these prices are inclusive of an $825 destination charge.

kia rio 2015 price

With the 2015 Kia Rio MSRP being as versatile as it is, the consumer has a variety of choices to pick from. Each option varies in a few features alone but nothing huge.

2015 kia rio interior


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