Kia Venga 2015 new model release date, specs, price


The South Korean company KIA updated Venga compact MPV 2015. Like all other new cars of the brand, Venga publicly shown at the Grand automotive event in the French capital. The updated model has received minimal design changes increased the grille and upgraded led head optics with daytime running lights.

The basis of the minivan KIA Venga laid greater internal volume and functionality. Under the high roof can accommodate people of above average height, and with the optional panoramic roof visually more increased amount of beauty.

Among the shortcomings of the model called the front rack that can impair visibility, seats offering not very comfortable on long journeys vertical landing, weak lateral support of the front seats. And the rear sofa, mounted on rails, allowing you to flip it on 13 cm, represents the completeness of the transformation. Widely drop down rear door significantly facilitate the landing. The backrest of the rear seats when folded rests on the floor, revealing a flat area for cargo. The floor of the trunk – dual, hidden underneath the tool box and spare wheel.

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According to the EuroNCAP this car has 5 stars, giving a truly comprehensive description of security systems.


2015 Kia Venga Release date

Sale of updated and cheaper model began in February.


2015 Kia Venga Release date

Article about the 2015 Kia Venga  has been prepared on the basis of peer reviews and rumors from the Internet. The exact release date and the start of sales is unclear, but there is actual information.

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2015 Kia Venga Exterior

Attentive customers who appreciate the KIA brand will notice that on a new car Venga 2015 a brand logo has changed its place, which is now on the hood. Additionally, after you upgrade the lower front grille has a slightly different design.

The team of designers from the European centre for KIA’s Frankfurt upgraded “smiling tiger” front grille in the most modern style of the whole model range: its size is increased, and major brand now taken on the plane of the hood. Revised lower air intake grille, fog lights and led daytime running lights (LED DRL) integrated into a common housing. On the back of the car lights of the new forms visually interconnected decorative chrome strip. The tail lights are now also are led technology. For the updated model new design wheels of increased dimensions – 16 inches and 17 are offered.

2015 Kia Venga Interior

Though the car was a minor update, in the cabin of a compact MPV you can find the new dark metallic finish combined with bright accents

The interior of the updated KIA Venga looks noticeably better. Metal finishing elements of more dark color, with bright decorative accents are used in the interior. Offered a choice of two new options seat finishing. Updated the layout and appearance of the center console. Now for KIA Venga provides a wider range of options, including heated steering wheel and multimedia system with navigation KIA AVN with 7-inch display, a rearview camera, increased productivity processor and opportunities of faster routes will be calculated. (The presence of the navigation system in the list of options depends on the specific market). The screen can display information from a rear view camera.

Updated KIA Venga has an overall length of 4 meters, it has retained the characteristic of this model is atypical large for its class wheelbase – 2615 mm. In combination with a roof height of 1600 mm this significantly increases the space in the cabin. The interior layout provides the remaining dimensions in the compact car segment “B” KIA Venga but interior space of for the larger car segment “C”.

All compact vans Venga are equipped with rear seats with the possibility of longitudinal movement within 130 mm and a folding backrest in a ratio of 60/40. If necessary, back seat can be fully folded to the level of the smooth floor, which allows spacious and versatile compartment for bulky Luggage.

 The interior layout provides the remaining dimensions in the compact car segment “B” KIA Venga but interior space of for the larger car segment “C”.

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2015 Kia Venga Supported engines

Depending on the region in the engine compartment of the vehicle can be different power units. However, officials from the South Korean brand’s claim that the new model uses a variety of 6 1.4 – and 1.6-liter gasoline and diesel engines, the capacity of which varies from 77 to 128 horsepower. The power and torque are to the front wheels through a 6-speed manual or 4-speed automatic gearbox.

Absolutely all six updated Kia Venga 2015 engines meet the Euro-5 standard and can be equipped with a Start/Stop system.


2015 Kia Venga dimentions

length 4075 mm

width 1765 mm

height 1600 mm

number of doors 5

trunk volume 440-834 L



2015 Kia Venga video review

Photo of 2015 Kia Venga

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Prices, specifications, options, features 2015 Kia Venga to change without notice.
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