Extreme Version of Lexus RC Is A RWD Beast


For those who think RC 350 is not enough, the RC F takes an aggressive-looking auto to the extreme. The Lexus RC F of 2015 model year is a compact, four-passenger high-performance, rear-wheel-drive sport coupe. The styling is wild with a domed-hood, a unique fascia, deeper grille, ample cooling ducts and flared fenders.

RC Means GT

The Lexus RC F is the hot-rod version of the RC and the auto is effectively use to replace its IS F sedan, which doesn’t have an analogue in this new IS gen. The RC F is a mixture of a grand tourer as well as proper luxury performance car.

2015 lexus rc f price

The Lexus RC F 2015 has a 5.0-liter V-8 engine generating 467-hp and 389 lb-ft. This auto weighs 200-plus (4048 pounds) more than the old sedan. The RC coupe is about 1.5-inches longer, lower and wider, but with a 2.7 inch shorter wheelbase. A performance-oriented 8-speed automatic transmission is standard as well as routes, which power to the rear-wheels.

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2015 lexus rc f

Lexus claims that the 2015 RC F can sprint from 0 to 60 mph in 4.7 seconds. That is definitely a quick time, though it is a few tenths approximately off the speediest sector entries. The suspension is particularly tuned for handling with wide 19 inch wheels.

2015 lexus rc f coupe


The LCD-tech changes its appearance between the 4 drive modes (normal, eco, sport, and sport-plus) and is flanked by another screen on the left that displays tire stress, g-forces, radio stations, and just about everything else. And a smaller analog speedometer exists on the right. Despite the 4 drive modes, the steering offers just normal and sport options. The latter, active in sport as well as sport-plus adds heft yet no feedbacks.

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lexus rc f 2015

Interior Features

Like the Lexus RC 350, the RC F also boasts a great interior. The dashboard is contemporary and attractive, and just about every surface you can touch or find is finished with top quality materials. It is likewise fond of the supportive and comfortable front-seats complemented by suspension tuning, which is not overly extreme. For daily driving and general commuting, the RC F is quite docile and enjoyable.

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2015 lexus rc f review

The multi-tiered cockpit is peculiar but appealing and contemporary overall with a terraced design and subtly high-end touches. The audio as well as climate controls are steeply angled, strengthening the RC F’s sporty vibe, and the knobs and buttons are generally easy to use.

lexus rc f sport specs

One notable foible is the touchpad controller, which is available with the navigation system. This controller is inspired by a computer system trackpad and is the main method for making navigation selections and audio, and it is far from ideal.

lexus rc f performance

Although the 7 inch display is sharp and the cursor control, with the touchpad is wobbly, especially when you are on the move. Similar color icons on the screen additionally make it hard to swiftly locate what you want on the screen. Thankfully, there are some redundant console-mounted hard buttons but one for the map screen is notably absent.

lexus rc f 2015

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Unlike its curb weight, the 2015 Lexus RC F’s base price has dropped and it starts at $63,325, it’s $1200 less than the 2014 IS F.

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