Mini Clubman 2015 release date, specs, price


At the last Geneva motor show was presented a new concept of MINI Clubman. New Clibman claims to be the largest car in the producer line.

Serial universal MINI Clubman of the second generation will not be presented at the Geneva motor show-2015, as previously thought, but in September 2015 at the Frankfurt motor show.

Given that the MINI has already ceased production Clubman of the first generation, the model may leave the market at least for a year.

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2015 Mini Clubman is six-doored

The updated model has four side doors, and the rear was known bivalve trunk, so that, in fact, the car has six doors. The car got rear optics, which resembles the tail lights of Bentley SUV.

The car lost its asymmetric – now it has four standard doors on both sides, whereas before the left had one full door, but the right had one and a half. Half Clubdoor opened against the progress principle as in the coupe Mazda RX-8. But the rear swing splitdoors remained in place.


2015 Mini Clubman is bigger

New Clubman is 260 mm longer than its predecessor, now its length is 4223 mm. Additionally, the car is 170 mm wider and 25 mm higher than the previous model.

Mini Clubman is the largest representative of the company in the dimensions, it surpassed even the Contryman crossover with 4097 mm length, width of 1789 mm and a height of 1561 mm

MINI Clubman 2015 model year will use a special configuration front-wheel drive UKL platform that will make the wagon a fully independent model, and not one of the configurations of Cooper hatchback, as was its predecessor. One of the representatives of the company, Adrian van Hooydonk said that their new car will offer its owner a huge amount of free space in the interior, high quality materials, as well as maximum convenience and comfort.


2015 Mini Clubman release date

Article about the 2015 Mini Clubman has been prepared on the basis of peer reviews and rumors from the Internet. The exact release date and the start of sales is unclear, but there is actual information.


2015 Mini Clubman engines

It is assumed that the model power units will be the same three- and four-cylinder engines as the regular MINI Cooper. This novelty can get “charged” modification of the John Cooper Works with a two-liter “turbofour” with 234 horsepower.


2015 Mini Clubman exterior

Mini Clubman 2 have a different design of the front end with a different grille and bumper (before the front of this model entirely repeated similar to the hatchback), and the lights changed their vertical orientation to horizontal, and became noticeably larger. Mini Clubman allocates chrome grille, 19-inch wheels and a futuristic set of different sensors.


2015 Mini Clubman interior

In the salon concept boasts a finish of high quality materials (here used three varieties of leather – very beautiful trim using nubuck, nappa and painting using different colors), stylish halved glass roof and a large circular display on the Central console. From here to the serial machine will get, of course, not all.


2015 Mini Clubman release date

In Europe, the Mini Clubman will appear this summer. According to unofficial information, the first production model of the MINI Clubman will be supplied in July exclusively with the actuator on the front axle. To purchase a version codenamed ALL4 MINI Clubman, with all-wheel drive, you must wait until March 2016.

Release date: summer 2015


2015 Mini Clubman video review

Photo of 2015 Mini Clubman

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Prices, specifications, options, features 2015 Mini Clubman to change without notice.
  • Watwheels

    Hi asking for my dad.
    For the Cooper, how is the maintenance like?
    Fuel consumption, insurance and regular servicing cost (AD versus outside workshops) ?
    If getting used, anything to look out for?

  • Kindhearted

    The clubman looks great, more appealing than 5-door and countryman. To me the clubman looks like a compressed Range Rover Evoque!

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