2015 Nissan Altima Becomes Almost Ideal Choice For Mid-size Sedan


The Nissan Altima enjoys a rather high demand in the US. Today, a new generation of this undoubtedly successful model emerged, which is especially prepared for the market of the United States of America.

2015 Nissan Altima Is Big but Sleek

The design of the fifth generation of Nissan Altima turned out really beautiful and attractive. There are no complaints for designers. In front we should note a large triangular lighting system, as well as a trapezoidal grille, which together with the label create a very attractive image. There are also chrome elements, obviously the sports spirit of the front bumper, and get a car that you can and should dream about. The view from the side opens the look at the powerful wheel arches. Given their size and dimensions of the car itself, it is recommended that the Nissan Altima immediately take large enough wheels. At least 18 inches.

So in the profile, the car will look harmonious, as the base 16 inches make the image unfinished. Surprisingly, the taillights are similar in many ways to the front lights, but they have their own unique design. The bumper clearly evokes respect with its power, massiveness, but simultaneous accuracy. Very harmoniously fit two mufflers, under which made special cutouts in the bumper. The luggage compartment opens conveniently, allows you to place a lot of luggage.

Nissan Altima 2015 High-quality Interior

The interior combines elegance, neatness, excellent ergonomics and high-quality finishes. The car allows you to place five people in your cabin without any problems. For cars of this class, this is quite normal, although some manufacturers are guided by the fact that the rear will accommodate two people. As a result, the position of the third is not always well thought out, it is impeded by a number of details, and in particular the tunnel from the transmission. It is important to note the position of the gearbox. It really is in its place, literally at hand and nowhere else to move her desires does not arise.

If there is a box, the arm is conveniently placed on the armrest. It is not only convenient for the driver, but also interferes with a lot of different things. Separately, I want to pay attention to the steering wheel. It is made of three-spoke, has a leather trim, as well as decorative inserts of metal. All this makes it beautiful outwardly and comfortable during the driving. Hands do not slip on the surface, even after a long time at the wheel. The instrument panel is thoughtful, has two large screens, it is quite understandable and readable. Moreover, there is also a display capable of displaying images in 3D. If necessary, a picture of the rear view camera, navigation data, vehicle status information and so on are displayed on the screen.

2015 Altima Equipment Level and Powertrains

Traditionally, Nissan offers the USA version with rich equipment. So, the basic version includes: cruise control; air conditioning; audio system with reading MP3 CD and six speakers; rain sensor; light sensor; system of keyless access; eight airbags. If you buy the most expensive equipment that is available in the United States of America, then the sedan will be equipped with: a climate control; leather interior; Bose Premium multimedia system with eight speakers and a seven-inch touch screen; power front seats; heated seats on the front row; heated steering wheel; xenon headlights; rear camera; LED turn lights and more.

The first engine goes basic and is a 2.5-liter gasoline engine power unit that has been modified. It was installed on the fourth generation of Altima, but then its power was 177 horsepower. Now their number is increased to 182 horsepower. The second engine is more powerful, has six cylinders and 3.5 liters of volume. Its power is 270 horsepower and is equipped with a CVT.

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