2015 Porsche 911 Full Model Line With a Wide Engine Range


If we talk about the legendary cars that continue to be produced in our time, almost every car enthusiast will call Porsche 911, regardless of what brands he prefers. Indeed, the Porsche 911is a real living legend that is not just made, but is the standard of an elegant sports car.

2015 Porsche 911 Classic Style

Immediately say that without a photo to make a general idea of this model will be impossible. Although, if you know what Porsche 911 is from previous versions, it’s hard to understand how the version of 2015 model year looks like.

The front part has hardly undergone any changes, compared with the predecessor of the Nineteenth Eleventh. The optics has slightly changed, LED elements have been used. The hood, the shape of the optics, if it has changed, is extremely unimportant. However, no one expected the other, since 911 has for many years adhered to its style and changes its appearance only in small strokes, barely noticeable to the inexperienced eye.

The back part again did not receive any special changes. However, if it comes to the Turbo version, then the Porsche 911 will be pleasantly surprised by the presence of an automatically adjustable spoiler. Given the aerodynamic structure of the body, as well as the power of the charged version, the need for such a spoiler is not at all decorative. It serves to create a greater clamping force at high speeds.

Porsche 911 2015 High-Quality Interior

The salon has generally two rows of seats, but only children can act as rear passengers. Adults will be uncomfortable. But this is quite common since the Porsche 911 is not designed for large families. The interior of the car is an example of what ergonomics should be for the driver and the passenger. Here everything is in place, the driver has easy access to all controls. The passenger, in turn, gets access to his options, without interfering with the driver to perform his function – to manage. Add to this the amazing quality of the finishing materials, and you will get the interior of the dream.

2015 911 Goes From Sportcar to Supercar

Cars Porsche 911 are available with a fairly wide range of engines. Of course, each motor is designed for certain modifications. Anyway, the range of power plants is as follows. 3.4 liters with 350 horsepower. Accelerates the car to hundreds in 4.8-5.1 seconds, depending on the configuration and modification. Top speed is 179 miles per hour. Develop a sixty miles per hour from the site for 3.4 and 3.1 seconds, respectively. The top speed is 195 MPH for the Turbo and 197 MPH for the Turbo S.

The second option is 3.8 liters producing 400 horsepower. It is able to disperse the car for 4.5-4.7 seconds to a mark of sixty miles per hour. According to the official data, the top speed – 188 MPH. 3.8 liters, 475 horsepower. The car with such a motor will take only 3.5 seconds to accelerate to a sixty. It is installed only on GT3 modification. 3.8 liters, 520 or 560 horsepower. It is installed on the most powerful modifications – Turbo and Turbo S.

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