Porsche Cayenne Get Technical Improvements For 2015


The updated version of the legendary Porsche Cayenne SUV of 2015 model year will soon be on sale. What changes are waiting for motorists and what can they please the German designers of Porsche? According to the information provided by the company itself, the car’s appearance is improved, the interior is refined and the most interesting is the new engines. The presentation of the updated off-road car was held at the Paris Auto Show.

More Stylish

The car got aggressive features in its appearance, it appeared notes of seriousness. It has became more serious in comparison with his predecessor. However, such a transformation did not change its stylish look and the car competes with its fellow crossovers of other automakers. Changes became possible due to increased front wings, a modified hood, a recycled bumper, an enlarged radiator grille and new air intakes.

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Changes have also been made to the lighting equipment of the renewed Cayenne. Designers have changed the shape of the rear optics, thanks to which they have achieved a perfect combination with recycled exhaust pipe fittings. The rear bumper has become more voluminous. The cargo compartment of the car was decorated with a stylish spoiler.

New Steering Wheel

The interior design, as well as most of the elements, remained unchanged. However, the designers have installed a new steering wheel in the updated Porsche Cayenne, which is equipped with petals for shifting gears. They are similar to those with which the Porsche 918 Spyder assembles. In addition, the car can be equipped with second-row seats, which are equipped with ventilation.

Technical Improvements

Initially, the company’s representatives say that this is a model restyling, however, the engineers of the company have changed the technical equipment of the Cayenne. As an example, we can name the Porsche Cayenne Diesel, with a V6 engine and a turbocharger with a volume of 3 liter, and the outpu of 262 HP (427 ft lb). The top speed is 137 MPH, and acceleration to 60 is carried out for 7.3 seconds. In another modification of the car, called S Diesel, a 4.2L engine was installed, which is a turbocharged V8 with a output of 385 HP (626 ft lb). The car accelerates to a sixty for 5.4 seconds, and its maximum speed is 155 MPH.

To the number of gasoline engines, V6 has joined, its volume is 3.6L. In this power unit, a direct fuel supply, there is an option that allows changing the gas distribution phases, as well as a double turbocharging. With a torque of 405 ft lb, engine power is 420 HP. Such a car accelerates to 160 MPH, and to 60 it accelerates in 5.5 seconds.

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Restyling Turbo is now equipped with a V8 engine, rated at 520 HP and a volume of 4.8L. The torque is 553 ft lb. This car is able to reach 60 in the speedometer in just 4.5 seconds and accelerate to a maximum of 173 MPH. All mentioned power units are equipped with automatic transmission on 8 stages of Tiptronic S, which is manufactured by Aisin company from Japan.

For car enthusiasts who care about the environment, the company offers a hybrid Cayenne S E-Hybrid. The power part of the car is equipped with a petrol V6, rated at 333 HP with a turbocharger and an electric motor, producing 95 HP. This electric motor engineers of the company have developed completely from scratch. At the same time, the car reaches a combined power of 416 HP and a torque of 435 ft lb. In this modification, improved batteries with a capacity of 10.8 kWh are used.

At the same time, they can be recharged from the home electrical network. Such a miracle of technology accelerates to “sixty” in 5.4 seconds. On one electric motor the machine can overcome 22 miles. At the same time, fuel consumption for such a modification will be about 54 MPGe. Suspension of the SUV has not received any changes in its design, but some of its settings have significantly improved. All this influenced the course of the car, which became even more smooth.

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