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In early February 2015, Porsche officially declassified the most extreme high-performance Cayman GT4, a public display of which will be held in early March on the exhibition of the Geneva Motor Show. Already by the end of the first month of spring 2015, the coupe will start to arrive at the buyers, and preorders for it are already being accepted.

Racing Look

“Charged” Porsche Cayman GT4 looks brighter and sportier than ordinary Cayman in standard performance.

The front part of the coupe is endowed with a pronounced spoiler edge extending over the entire width of the body, a bumper with enlarged air intakes, a central air duct in front of the trunk lid and bi-xenon optics with internal black parts.

The more squat silhouette is created due to the increased base of wheels, reduced ground clearance and huge wheels of diameters of 20 inches of platinum color. The rear part of the GT4 features a fixed spoiler with aluminum racks and a powerful bumper with a lower part in the form of a diffuser and a pair of exhaust pipes of black color in the center.

The exterior dimensions of the body GT4 are the following: 174.2″ in length, 49.8″ in height and 71.5″ in width. The distance between the axles of the machine is 97.7″, and the ground clearance is 4.1″. In running order, this Porsche weighs 2954 lbs, its total weight is higher by 661 lbs.

Alcantara Interior

In terms of architecture and overall design, the interior of the Porsche Cayman GT4 is unified with the base Cayman, although there are certain differences.

The interior of the “charged” coupe meets the driver with a sports steering wheel and an instrument panel with a titanium tachometer background and yellow arrows. Seats with improved support on the sides are skinned and Alcantara by default, and optional full-carbon bucket seats are available. Instead of door handles inside the supercar, fabric hinges are used, and the interior is finished with quality materials.

Almost 400 HP

In the movement, Porsche Cayman GT4 leads the opposite 3.8-liter six cylinder with an aluminum block of cylinders, direct fuel injection and technology VarioCam Plus. The engine output is brought to 385 horsepower at 7400 rpm and 309 ft lb of torque at 4750-6000 rpm. Combined with a six-speed manual transmission, rear-wheel drive and Porsche Torque Vectoring system (including a rear differential lock – 27% on the move and 22% on the intake), the engine delivers the supercar to the first sixty in 4.4 seconds and up to 183 MPH of top speed.

The GT4 based on the standard Porsche Cayman, but has some technical differences: in front of the car there are reinforced shock absorbers, attached with transverse and longitudinal levers, and behind – additional gains and special fists. Rapid deceleration is provided by 6-piston brake mechanisms from aluminum with 14.9″ perforated discs in all wheels.

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