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The head of the Spanish brand SEAT plans in the coming years to expand the existing model range with three new models of crossovers.

The first one will appear in 2016 and will be a representative of mid-class SUV, similar in size Nissan Qashqai. Later will appear smaller and larger cars.

At the same time before starting work, it is planned to conduct a thorough market research to determine needs in a similar car. In particular, it is about the flagship SUV that might not find buyers among fans of the brand. As for the compact crossover, to cheapen the car will be offered to buyers only in the version with front-wheel drive, and will be adapted for use in urban environments or on easy terrain. The model is regarded as a potential rival for the French Renault Captur and German Opel Mokka. Note that this practice is becoming increasingly popular. For example, for a new Mazda CX-3 will also be available only monoprint.

2015 Seat SUVs first premiere

The Spanish representative of the VW Group put up on the podium of the Geneva motor show concept 20V20, which the decoding means Vision 2020 and serves as the announcement for the first Seat crossover. The production version will obviously be less exciting than the concept, which boasts a very attractive design.

Among the many interesting novelties presented in March 2015 at the Geneva motor show, concept 20V20 Seat stands out with innovative design and modern technology. Speaking at the presentation of new items, CEO Jurgen Stockmann stated that the design of the prototype of the first ever brand of crossover dynamic and charismatic, shows in what direction, there will be a further development of the design of the cars.

2015 Seat SUVs concept Seat 20V20

Geneva debutant is the successor of the concept SEAT IBX, presented in 2011, and, as can be seen, the crossover shows a much greater degree of readiness for serial production than its predecessor. However, the novelty didn’t get rid of “pure conceptual chips” in the form of extravagant supports of external rear-view mirrors. Final Spanish version of the serial crossover we will see this fall at the Frankfurt motor show 2015.

The predecessor of the production model is positioned developers not as a regular crossover, and as a symbiosis sports coupe, a mid-size wagon and crossover. Bright perky appearance of the concept car in combination with high-tech equipment, according to company representatives, will be of interest primarily for young audiences.


2015 Seat SUVs release date

Article about the 2015 Seat SUVs has been prepared on the basis of peer reviews and rumors from the Internet. The exact release date and the start of sales is unclear, but there is actual information.

2015 Seat SUVs dimensions of the new vehicle

The length of a car is 4657 mm, which is about 23 cm longer than the Volkswagen Tiguan, so it cannot be called the compact crossover. Off-road essence of the car emphasizes 228 millimeters of clearance and 600-liter volume of the Luggage compartment. Wheelbase of 2720 mm can comfortably accommodate five people. 20-inch wheels, full led optics, bright orange color of the body, reflecting the sun of Barcelona, completing the elegant look of the car.

2015 Seat SUVs Engines and technical stuffing

Created on the MQB platform, which gave life to the models from Golf and Passat to the Audi TT, Seat 20V20 will be powered by a turbocharged TSI petrol and TDI diesel engines and hybrid power plants with a capacity of up to two hundred horsepower. To work the engines will be shared with robotic gearbox DSG, referring torque of the motor on both axes.The list of equipment includes a large kolichestvobyudzhetnykh electronic assistants. In the interior of the Central place occupied by a huge color screens on the front panel. The vehicle production on an industrial scale is planned for Skoda in the Czech Republic in 2016.

Release date: 2016

Recall that the Seat formally (and with Audi and Skoda) is subordinated to the VW group, that’s why the current generation of Audi Q3 is produced at the Seat facilities. While the Spaniards will assemble their crossover on the facilities of the Skoda.


2015 Seat SUVs video review

Photo of 2015 Seat SUVs

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Prices, specifications, options, features 2015 Seat SUVs to change without notice.

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