2015 Model Year Shelby GT Is A New Mustang Modification


Shelby American introduced its version of the Ford Mustang GT under the name Shelby GT. Carbon body kit includes: front splitter, side skirts, rear diffuser, bonnet with air intakes, mirror caps and rear spoiler. In addition to the kit, Shelby GT gets a revised grille, is distinguished by strips on the body and special nameplates. The car is mounted on 20-inch alloy wheels with Michelin tires.

In the interior – embroidered headrests, carbon finish, thresholds with the logo “Shelby GT” and branded carpets.

Power Unit

Power provides a 5.0-liter V8, which is equipped with a sports exhaust system and a supercharger Ford Racing. Peak power reaches more than 467 kW (635 hp). For an additional fee, customers can order a special performance package that provides a performance of more than 522 kW (710 hp).

In addition to the forced V8, Shelby installed the semi-axle and Ford Racing control kit, which will add upgraded shock absorbers, springs and stabilizers. Wilwood front brakes and a short Ford Racing gearshift (on models equipped with a manual transmission).

The cost of the package is 39 995 $ without taking into account the cost of the Mustang GT. Currently, the company takes orders, and the first deliveries are scheduled for the second quarter of 2015.


The Shelby GT is, in fact, 2015 model year Ford Mustang GT, created together with Ford Racing. Shelby GT was designed more like a completely new car than an additional package of parts, as they say in Shelby. We spent some time driving a brand new Shelby GT on the streets and at Spring Mountain Motorsports Park to test this claim. The 2.3-liter TVS Ford Racing / Roush supercharger and the Ford Racing / Borla exhaust system are crowned with a list of unique Shelby improvements that help the Ford Mustang GT engine, the 5.0-liter Coyote V8, to squeeze out 627 hp. And 514 pounds per foot of torque. To transfer this power to the wheels, Shelby added a gearbox with a reduced distance between speeds. It is still being improved, so it was not installed on our tester. Behind the gear ratio was 3.73 and added productive axle from Ford Racing.

Weld Racing provided Shelby Venice wheels in size 20h9.5 inches in front and 20×10.5 inches at the rear with sports tires Michelin 275 / 35ZR20 and 305 / 30ZR20 respectively. More dense tires help to land power on a straight line and at corners.


The control package from Ford Racing with recycled dampers, springs and anti-roll bars improves handling. The Wilwood set of 6-piston front brake calipers and 4-piston rear helps this horse to brake. With regard to external updates, new aerodynamic carbon fiber strokes have appeared, such as a hood with functional air intakes and heat exchange outlets, a front diffuser, a trunk spoiler and a two-component rear diffuser.

The non-functional design details include: the expansion of the hood from carbon fiber, thresholds, parts at the rear and the coating of mirrors. In the yellow test car, carbon fiber parts were not painted, unlike red. GT by Shelby also comes with binding stripes and Shelby badges both outside and inside. In addition, there is a triple instrument panel, allowing you to monitor the parameters of the engine and the supercharger.

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