Subaru WRX STI Keep The Classic Recipe Of a Rallycar


At the motor show in Los Angeles in 2013, a new Subaru WRX sedan was introduced, and the WRX STI model of the next generation debuted at the Detroit motor show in 2014, which also lost the mention of the Impreza in the title.

STI exterior

Externally, Subaru WRX STI almost entirely repeats the version of the WRX, but flaunts a large spoiler on the trunk lid, the STI label on the grille, and painted in the blue corporate color WR Blue body and golden discs. The overall length of the novelty is 4 595 mm (wheelbase – 2,650), width – 1,795, and height – 1,475.

More horses

The main issue of the update was the engine, which will be installed under the hood of the new car. It was assumed that they will either be a new 2.0-liter counterpart from the WRX, but boosted from 268 to about 300 hp, or the model retains the previous 2.5-liter engine.

As a result, the choice was made in favor of the latter, and he develops the same 300 HP (407 Nm), as on the car of the previous generation. As a transmission, the new Subaru WRX STI equipped with only 6-speed manual, although for the predecessor a five-automatic automatic was available, and the WRX version can be supplied with a CVT. To accelerate from none to sixty, the sedan spends 5.2 seconds, and its maximum speed reaches 158 mph.

Complicated AWD system

As before, the car has the all-wheel drive Symmetrical AWD, but now it has got a system Multi-Mode Driver Controlled Center Differential (DCCD), allowing the driver to choose one of six options for operating the central differential.

By default, the torque is distributed between the axles in a ratio of 41:59 in favor of the rear wheels. And the stabilization system can now retard the inner front wheel to reduce the effect of understeer. The new Subaru WRX STI has retained the Si-Drive power management system, which provides three modes: Intelligent, Sport and Sport Sharp. The joystick located on the central tunnel controls the switching between them, and parameters such as the response of the engine to the accelerator pedal, the algorithm of the engine control unit, etc. are regulated.

Same Impreza inside

The interior of the WRX STI in the new body repeats that on the WRX version, just with a new labels. And on the two screens that appeared in the center console, you can now display the picture from the rear view camera, the pressure of the boost and information about the operation of the transmission and other systems.
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