Suzuki Celerio Is A 3-Cylinder City Car For Europe


The premiere of the European version of the city hatchback Suzuki Celerio was held in the framework of the Geneva Motor Show, but sales of the city car will not begin until the second half of 2014. While it is absolutely not clear whether there will be a novelty in the US market, but to get acquainted with an attractive compact hatchback still costs in any case.

Tiny Suzuki

As a basis for the development of five-door Suzuki Celerio, the concept car A:Wind, shown last fall, was taken. From the concept to the serial car got a platform, motors and body contours. The front part of the designers was significantly simplified, but even in this form the hatchback looks quite attractive and positive, which should please the female audience. Behind the novelty lost pretty concept lights and got a simpler bumper. Was simplified and the design of the wheel.

The length of the body of this compact car, blended into the class A +, is 141.7″, the width is within 63″, and the height does not exceed 61.4″. The length of the wheelbase Suzuki Celerio is 95.4″. Note that for such a compact car hatchback received a very high clearance – 6.4″. The equipped weight of the car depending on a complete set varies in a range 1785 – 1829 lbs.

A Proper Interior

Suzuki Celerio has a five-seater cabin with a modern ergonomic layout and a high level of equipment.

Of course, the abundance of free space in the hatchback is not, especially in the back row, but for the trunk, the developers were able to find a decent enough for a compact city car is 9 cubic feet of useful volume.

Already in the base of the novelty will receive 6 airbags, light alloy wheels, fabric interior, multimedia with touch screen, ABS, EBD and ESP systems, assistance helper for starting uphill, and tire pressure monitoring sensors.

Just 1 liter Under The Hood

Hatchback Suzuki Celerio will receive two practically identical atmospheric engines, having three cylinders with a total volume of 1.0 liters, a system of double fuel injection and a maximum return of 68 hp. The basic version of the motor, marked by the K10B index, will receive as a checkpoint two options: a 5-speed manual or a 5-speed automatic with the function of manual switching.

The second version of the motor (K10C) is characterized by the presence of the function “Start-stop” and the possibility of aggregation only with a 5-speed manual gearbox. Both engines provide Suzuki Celerio hatchback starting acceleration from 0 to 60 at a “boring” level of 15 seconds, but compensate for this with high environmental friendliness – the average CO2 emissions do not exceed 85 g / km. The novelty is based on a front-wheel-drive platform with a front independent suspension based on McPherson struts. On all wheels, the Japanese use disc brakes, with the front still ventilated. The steering mechanism in Europe is likely to be supplemented by a hydraulic booster.
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