2015 Tesla Model S 85D Review, Specs, Changes


In a very short time period, this cutting-edge, California car manufacturer has become a pretty big name in the luxury vehicle market. Utilizing innovative technology, they’ve established the Tesla brand right up there among competitors with much larger developmental and research budgets to work with.

2015 tesla model s 85d

Electric cars are now something consumers desire, as the world moves forward with better products that will benefit the environment. The 2015 Model S 85D from Tesla is nothing short of remarkable, with some new additions to make this luxury sedan even better!

2015 Tesla Model S 85D Changes

The Model S 85D is the most recent mid-level edition to its lineup, now featuring all-wheel drive to go along with added dual motors. Tesla doesn’t limit its updates and improvements to yearly releases, though, and will make changes frequently in areas such as electronics and software at any time. This new offering replaces the standard P85 and is just one step below the high-powered P85D.

2015 tesla model s 85d changes

2015 Tesla S 85D Review

Most electric cars are intended to be efficient, but the 2015 Tesla S 85D goes well beyond this basic structure. It is relatively pricey, but less so than the higher-powered P85D.

You also get so much more than similar offerings in luxury sedans by other manufacturers, providing good value for your dollars spent. What further separates this brand from the competition is its adaptive cruise control with improved sensor hardware.

2015 tesla model s 85d interior

Owners can expect more updates to come in the area of driver-assistance throughout the year with Tesla’s over-the-air software system. Everyone is concerned with range when they think of electric vehicles, but the S 85D is excellent in this regard.

2015 tesla s 85d review

Tesla has also been expanding their “Supercharger” network of stations along major highways across the U.S. This makes it possible to travel the entire distance from coast to coast at similar speeds to gas-powered cars.

You simply can’t say that about most electric cars!

2015 Tesla Model S 85D Specs

The Tesla Model S 85D is about 16 feet 4 inches long. It is 6 feet 5.3 inches wide and has a height of 4 feet 8.5 inches, clearing the ground at 5.7 inches. An 85 kWh lithium-ion battery will get you about 270 miles of real range on the highway and city combined before needing to be charged.

2015 tesla model s 85d rear

With the 422 horsepower (2 electric motors combined), this dual-engine electric luxury sedan packs a pretty decent punch in the acceleration. The 85D has bigger battery than Tesla S70D.

Tesla Model S 85D Interior

Front head room is measured at 38.8 inches, with 42.7 inches of room for your legs. You also get 55 inches of hip room in the front and 57.7 inches for the shoulders. The rear measurements are slightly less.

Some of the features of the Tesla S 85D interior are:

● Adjustable power lumbar support for driver and passenger
● Adjustable height seats for driver and passenger
● Multi-level heated driver and passenger seats
● 8-way power seat for driver and passenger
● Leatherette/cloth material
● Bucket seats in front

There are many more features to improve comfort and convenience as well as entertain you during your travels.

2015 Tesla Model S 85D Price

The MSRP of the 2015 Tesla Model S 85D luxury electric sedan is about $85,000.

2015 tesla model s 85d price

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