Tesla Model S 85D Get Two Motors Which Mean AWD


Tesla Motors never ceases to amaze the car world with new products, expanding the model series of electric cars produced by the concern earlier. This time we are talking about a few updates to the models mentioned by Mask in February last year. In particular, all-wheel drive modifications of Model S – 60D, 85D and P85D. Previously, the fastest serial electric vehicle in the quarter-mile race was the Tesla Model S version P85.

D means Dual Motor

Full drive Tesla engineers have achieved the installation of the system DualMotor, which means “two electric motors – on both axles of the car” (that’s where this mysterious letter D in the name of the novelties). And, in the case of the fastest variation of the S model, the thrust distribution on the axis looks very interesting and thoughtful: a 224 horsepower engine and 244 ft lb of torque to the front wheels and 476 hp and 442 ft lb – on the rear.

This means that the total power of the P85D is 700hp, and the torque is 686 ft lb, while the predecessor of the performance version, respectively, is 412 hp and 442 ft lb. BMW i8 nervously smokes on the sidelines.

From 0 to 60 MPH the P85D version accelerates in 3.2 seconds, which is almost one second faster than the previous most powerful modification (P85). The maximum speed of the model is 155 MPH (+24 MPH). The range increased by 10 miles (up to 275 miles).

New Safety Systems

In addition to the all-wheel drive, a number of top-end safe driving systems have been added to the new models of the Tesla. The car was equipped with an “intelligent” front camera and ultrasonic sensors, which, indisputably, help the driver to keep the car on the road. Also, it should be noted the implementation of the chip “stop and go”, which completely stops the electric car in front of the car in front.

Speaking of two other versions (60D and 85D), it should be noted that both cars are equipped with the same engines, a power output of 380 horses (190 per axle) and a torque of 361 ft lb. Distinguishes these two novelties only electronic stuffing and weight – 4596 and 4823 lbs respectively.

The battery capacities shown in the passport data are the same. According to engineers Tesla Motors, all-wheel drive models will be able to travel a longer distance. This phenomenon they explained by a more voluminous recovery of energy in the battery during braking, due to an electric motor on the front axle.

The price of the manufacturer on P85D is slightly more than 120 thousand dollars. For this money in the electric car there are many convenient options:

  • autopilot
  • Electromirrors
  • air suspension
  • Keyless access
  • Electric tailgate
  • Adaptive seats

And many other pleasant little things.

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