Tesla Introduced Low-Cost AWD Model S with Dual Motor


Tesla Motors continues the development of the range of Tesla Model S electric cars. Now the drivers’ car is represented by the all-wheel drive model called S 70D. What is in the announced budgetary Model S?

Lower price, lower range but still pretty fast

This is just a slightly modified P85D transformed by reducing the power (from 691 horsepower in the P85D to 514 horsepower from the S 70D), to a lower price category.

Both of these models are all-wheel drive and have two electric motors. But by reducing the overall power of the power plant, the Model S 70D has slightly lower speed characteristics.

The all-wheel drive car is equipped with two electric motors (one for each axle) and a battery capacity of 70 kWh.

The amount of the mileage without recharge closer to a distance of 390 km (430 km in P85D) is slightly reduced.

Tesla Model S 70D promises to be very attractive and in terms of price – the price, in all, will be about 67.5 thousand dollars, which is noticeably lower than the cost of the model P85D (105 thousand dollars).


However, the introduction of the results of the company’s modern developments in the field of automated control systems allowed us to implement a number of new features in the S 70D:

– in the presence of the possibility of rapid charging of batteries (Supercharger) at specialized stations TeslaMotors;

– Lane departure notification, automated parking, and adaptive cruise control;

In addition, the company introduced 3 new color options: Ocean Blue, Obsidian Black, and Warm Silver.

It is noteworthy that the Tesla S70D has received new software that plans your trips taking into account the current battery charge and the location of both the brand-name Supercharging DC charging stations and conventional gas stations where you can recharge an electric vehicle.

Among other systems that provide safe driving in the basic model of the Tesla Model S 70D will be an emergency automatic braking system, a roadside warning system and a park assistant. It’s nice that even in the basic model there will be access without a key and using the GPS system Homelink.

Perks of dual engine

The most interesting thing in the novelty is that a car with two electric motors can travel much further without recharging, rather than the same, with the same capacity of batteries, but with one electric motor. This effect is obtained thanks to a clever software for the distribution of energy between motors of different power, so if you do not press the pedal hard, the weaker electric motor is switched on, medium – instead of it the powerful electric motor is switched off, and if  you put pedal to the metal – both will be turned on.

The electric car is difficult to classify: it’s not purely 4WD, and neither front, nor rear wheel drive. All these options at different times can be automatically activated by the control system.

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