2015 Tesla Model S70D review, specs, news


This article is our Tesla Model S70d review, complete with an overview of the specifications, the news and the price of the new, 2015 70D model Tesla.

Tesla Model S70D news

The 2015 iteration of the tesla is a great step forward in the right direction. Tesla considers themselves the car company of the future, with their pushing of electric cars being relentless. Yet one criticism of the company to this point has been the fact that they simply aren’t accessible to the average new car buyer. The 2015 Model S70D is a real step in the right direction. We’ve caught out first look at it, and we’re impressed.

2015 Tesla s70d

Tesla Model S70D interior

Tesla Model S70d interior is a sight to behold. The full computer panel screen is around the size of an iPad, and gives you a range of diagnostic features so you know exactly how efficient your Tesla is, and if anything needs improving. The seats are large and comfortable, and the back seats will easily fit the three passengers that it says it can contain without them having to bunch up together – also, the attention to detail as regards the finish is superb.

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2015 Tesla s70d interior

Tesla Model S70D specs

The Tesla Model S70d specs are as follows:

· The Model S70D is an all-wheel drive car. D in the name stands for ‘dual’ which means that the car has 2 electric motors – one per axis.
· The Tesla Model S70d engine will allow you to go from 30 miles per hour to 50 miles per hour in two seconds and no change, and 50 to 70 miles per hour only takes 3.1 seconds. This is just slightly slower than a top of the range Mercedes.
· 0-60 Miles Per Hour takes about five seconds, so it’s not a slow car by any means.
· It has 328 horsepower, and a top speed of 140 miles per hour.
· It has a range of 240 miles.
· It has a battery that is 70 kWh.

There is a 2015 Tesla S 85D with more battery capacity – 85 kWh.

Tesla Model S70D range: 240 miles

2015 Tesla s70d

Tesla Model S70D price

The Tesla Model S70d price will be in the range of $75000. That’s a pretty reasonable price tag, and you’ll have to weight up the features that you have read about in this article with those of competing models. Our verdict from this article notwithstanding, you’ll have to assess the pros and cons. Tesla are making waves right now, but you shouldn’t buy a car based on brand appeal. Compare with Honda Fit EV, for example.

Tesla Model S70D price: starting at $75000

2015 Tesla s70d

Tesla Model S70D images

2015 Tesla Model S70d photos are relatively easy to come by. They show a very sleek and stylish design, and the Tesla Model 70dcomes in a variety of colors to suit your lifestyle. Tesla Model S70D colors include electric blue, charcoal grey, black and navy as well as other colors across the spectrum.


Tesla are a company that is attempting to do more than make great cars, and undoubtedly, if you purchase a Tesla, part of the reason for your doing so is to be a part of that change. There is an incredible amount of work and technology within the Tesla S70D, and it is at a great price, especially considering you get an allowance from the US Government for using electric.

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