2015 Toyota Prius C Review Is When C Means City


Our website is now introducing the new type of articles – reviews on the most popular and trendy cars in US market. The first article is about the first hybrid car – Toyota Prius hybrid car and it is last Toyota Prius 2015 models including compact Toyota Prius C, standard hatchback Prius with plug-in version and Prius V estate. We begin with the review of Toyota Prius C.

The letter C in the name of the car is stands for “city”. It is the most compact Toyota hybrid car available. The Prius C was introduced in US in 2012, and have reached sales success in 2014, along with Japan-spec double named Toyota Aqua.

2015 Prius C price: starting at $19 540 up to $24,475 (without options)

2015 Toyota Prius C Modern Design


1. 2015 Toyota Prius C Modern Design
2. Prius C Features
3. Hybrid Technology
4. Fuel Efficiency and Equipment
5. Model Ratings and Trim Levels
6. 2015 Toyota Prius C Tech Specs

In terms of exterior design, 2015 Prius C has modern Toyota styling, including trapezium-shaped massive grille like in some Lexus models, and unique-shaped triangular niches for fog lights. There are LED taillights, neat spoiler but rear part of the car reminds Chevrolet Spark. The overall shape of the body become more aerodynamic, due to special shape of the taillights, bumpers and even antenna on the roof. The overall exterior styling feel unique and exquisite which is really good for a small subcompact car.

The interior design of the 2015 Prius C is unique too. It has very different design approach comparing with Toyota Corolla or classic Prius. But there are two things very common for all Prius models – multifunctional steering wheel and color display on top of the center console, instead of classic gauges behind the steering wheel. The overall design of Prius C is more daring and youth-like. The only question is the placing for gearbox lever and material quality.

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Toyota Prius C 2015 Features

The main features of the most compact Toyota hybrid is superior fuel efficiency, special eco driving modes, rich equipment and good trunk capacity for hybrid subcompact car.  Because of aerodynamic form, the coefficient of air resistance is 0.28, that is spectacular.

Regarding the engine, under the hood of the compact Prius C is still the same (though thoroughly modified) 16 valve 1NZ-FXE, as 14 years ago used by Toyota. Working capacity is 1497 cubic cm, and the engine is running, as before, on a 5-stroke Atkinson / Miller cycle. Fancy engineering solution, whereby the compression ratio were able to raise as much as to 13.4. And that means, the engine has high thermal efficiency. 16-valve engine set for the «Prius C» develops 74 hp at 4800 min, the highest torque is 81 ft lb (111 Nm).

Prius C Hybrid Technology

The engine does not operate in isolation, but in tandem with 2-Way electromechanical transmission (a part of which is already got two electric motors – alternator / starter and traction motors). Incidentally, you could find in publications that Toyota hybrids are equipped with CVT. But it is not true – at least, no V-belts (pulleys), consisting of HSD unit failed to be found. In fact, Prius of different generations do not have the gearbox itself, only single-ended cylindrical differential, which connects the harness to the engine and traction motor. A CVT automatic effect is achieved through a coordinated work of two engines under the electronic control.

It should be noted that especially for the Prius C a special version of the compact and lightweight 2-Way electromechanical transmission has created, under the P510 designation. The maximum power of the traction motor is reduced to 45 kW / 61 hp and maximum torque – 124 ft lb (169 Nm). The total output of a hybrid powertrain is 100 hp. You cannot surplus the output of two engines (135=74 + 61) simply because the powertrain output is limited by the traction battery. Unfortunately, the output is not so big – up to 19.3 kW of electrical power. The battery has rated capacity of 0.94 kW / h and weighs 31 kg. It is placed under the rear seat – a way that does not intrude into usable space.

Fuel Efficiency and Equipment of New Prius C

Prius C is very fuel-efficient. Indeed, according to the Japanese 10-15 test cycle, the hybrid consumes only 2.5 liters of gasoline per 100 kilometers! It is astonishing 94 mpg! It is hard to believe but the Japanese test provides too optimistic information. While the US EPA federal agency specifies the average fuel consumption for small Prius C 53/46/50 mpg for city, highway and combined respectively.

2015 Prius C mpg: 53 cty / 46 hgw / 50 combined

The driver’s seat is rearranged not only longitudinally, but (except for the basic trim) in height. Steering wheel is adjusted for tilt and reach. Correct ergonomics, but the quality of the interior decoration is budget. Cloth upholstery is more or less decent, while finishing out of cheap plastic range – hard and slippery. There are compartment for small items, pockets and boxes are provided inside. The capacity of the luggage compartment with seats unfolded is 10,7 cubic ft (305 liters). However, the rear seat folded (in high trims are divisible), which allows, if necessary, to expand the luggage space.

Prius C Model Ratings and Trim Levels

In 2012 according to Consumer Reports survey the most reliable hybrid was Toyota Prius C. As for Toyota Prius C safety rating, it gets “Poor” for small overlap front crash and “Good” for other tests by IIHS measurements. As for NHTSA safety rating, the car gets overall rating of 4 stars, frontal crash, side crash and rollover was marked 4 stars either. Toyota Prius C 2015 is equipped with nine airbags even in standard trim.

On the North American market Prius C is presented in 4 trim levels: One, Two, Three and Four. Infotainment and comfort equipment are pretty good. For the basic “One” configuration the following equipment is available: CD / MP3 audio system with 4 speakers, Bluetooth hands-free support, climate control, full power accessories, and other. In “Two” audio has 6 speakers, and cruise control is available. In the “Three” package there are satellite radio and Entune communicator (6.1 inches touch screen) is available, which greatly expands the involvement of the driver in the flow of relevant information. Well, in the top-configuration “Four” heated front seats, heated side mirrors and other valuables are added. Furthermore, the option list is wide.

2015 Toyota Prius C Technical Specifications

Overall information

Toyota Prius C, 2015 model year, 5-door hatchback, NHP10R series


Multi-point fuel injection Inline 4 cylinder 1.5L, max torque 81 ft lb (111 Nm) @4000 rpm, max power 54kW (72 hp) @4800 rpm


Electro CVT transmission, front wheel drive

Weight & Dimensions

Overall height/width/length: 56.9/66.7/157.3 in
Ground clearance: 5,5 in
Kerb Weight: 2469 lbs (1120 kg)


Fuel tank capacity: 9,5 US gal
Front/Rear brakes: Ventilated disc/Drum

Prices, specifications, options, features of 2015 Toyota Prius C could change without notice. You could find up to date information on car maker offical website.
All information above is relevant for US version of a car.

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