2015 Toyota Prius Hybrid Detailed Review


Iconic design and high fuel efficiency helped to make Toyota Prius synonymous to hybrid vehicle. Over the past 15 years, Prius model range expanded from one car to several and now includes an elongated Prius V, a city version Prius C and plug-in hybrid Prius Plug-in. Currently, Prius is held more than 40% of total hybrid car sales in the United States. In this article we combine the information about 2015 Toyota Prius and Toyota Prius-plug in hybrid.

2015 Toyota Prius price: starting at $24 200 up to $ 30 005 (without options)

2015 Toyota Prius Exterior


1. 2015 Toyota Prius Exterior
2. Toyota Prius 2015 Spacious Interior
3. 2015 Toyota Prius Hybrid Powertrain
4. Prius 2015 Fuel Efficiency and Safety
5. Powerplant
6. Redesigned 2015 Prius PHEV Version
7. Prius Trim Levels With Pricing
8. Additional packages for 2015 Prius
9. Prius Plug-in hybrid trim levels
10. Toyota Prius 2015 Model Year Tech Specs

Prius owners know that the car stands out among the other vehicles on the road. Smooth arc-shaped profile with sharp edges almost immediately catches the eye. The drag coefficient equal to 0.25 Cx and it is one of the lowest of any production car in the world, it is one of the factors of high fuel economy. Through wide aluminum usage in the design of the bonnet and boot lid, as well as high-strength steel in the front stabilizer bar and brake calipers it was able to reduce the overall weight of the vehicle. The curb weight is 3042 lbs (1380 kg) is comparable to a smaller compact car, helping the Prius to be sufficiently agile on the road. LED headlights along with daytime running lights can help reduce energy consumption of the vehicle. The length of the car is almost 177 inches. This compact size allows you to fit into a very narrow parking space, but it does not mean that inside the car is cramped. The passenger compartment capacity of the 2015 Prius is 93,6 cubic ft (2653 liters), the luggage compartment is over 21 cubic feet (600 liters). The long wheelbase of 106 inches allows to provide a smooth ride.

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Toyota Prius 2015 Spacious Interior

The compact design does not affect the interior comfort. Vehicle height is slightly larger than Toyota Corolla, and the space for the rear passengers has been increased to 35 inches and is on par with some midsize sedans. The cabin as well as the body has a futuristic look, which is manifested in a large dashboard and center console with an information displays.

The standard multifunctional display allows you to monitor fuel consumption, battery charge and vehicle driving mode in real time. Touch sensors on the steering wheel are designed to reduce driver eye movement and increase concentration level on the road. While pressing the steering controls, the action is displayed on the dashboard, in the line of sight.

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2015 Prius Hybrid Powertrain

2015 Toyota Prius is using the same hybrid drivetrain as Toyota Prius V. It is consist of 1.8L 4-cylinder 2ZR-FXE dual VVT-I engine producing 98 hp, 60kW electric motor and 201V nickel metal hydride battery. It is combined with planetary gear transmission which remains CVT but has another design. The overall hybrid powertrain input is 134 horsepower.

Prius 2015 Fuel Efficiency and Safety

Toyota Prius is one of the most fuel efficient vehicle ever produced. Every new generation of Prius decrease its fuel consumption level by 10%. According to EPA measurements, 2015 Toyota Prius is rated 51 mpg for city, 48 for highway and 50 miles per gallon combined.

2015 Prius mpg: 51 cty / 48 hgw / 50 combined

As for safety ratings, according to IIHS crash tests, it gets all Good marks except small overlap front crash which marked Acceptable. NHTSA gives 2015 Toyota Prius 4 stars out of 5 overall safety rating, 4 stars for both frontal crash and rollover and 5 stars for side crash.

Consumer Reports called the Prius “Best Value” car in 2012 and 2013.

Redesigned 2015 Prius PHEV Version

The Toyota Prius plug-in hybrid, also called Toyota Prius PHV is nearly the same car as conventional Toyota Prius. But there are some differences – plug-in means that you could charge the batteries of your car not only using internal combustion engine as a generator, but also using home power grid or charging stations. So, 2015 Toyota Prius plug-in hybrid has different more efficient Li-ion battery and could move in electric mode only – with the range of 11 miles (EPA measured).

Prius Trim Levels With Pricing

Toyota Prius available in 5 trim levels: “Two”, “Three”, “Persona Series”, “Four” and “Five”. The basic “Two” trim including 15 inch alloy wheels, heated power mirrors, cruise control, rearview camera, telescopic steering wheel, cloth upholstery, 60/40 proportion foldable rear seat, trip computer, Bluetooth connectivity, 6,1 inch touchscreen display multimedia with 6 speakers, keyless entry and start/stop ignition button. The price starting at $24 200.

“Three” is equipped by enhanced keyless entry, navigation, voice recognition, satellite radio with Toyota Entune system. It is available from $25 765. The Persona Series is additional package to “Three” providing 17-inch alloy wheels, chrome finishing, outside mirrors with turn signals integrated, extra interior illumination and leather-like upholstery. The pricing for the car with additional package is starting from $26 985

“Four” providing additionally automatic headlights, 8-way power seat for driver, heated front seats, auto dimming interior rearview mirror, 8-speaker premium JBL sound system. Pricing starts at $28 435. “Five” adds 17-inch alloy wheels, foglights and LED headlights. The minimum price for that trim is $30 005.

Additional packages for 2015 Prius

Moreover, there are 4 additional packages available for 2015 Toyota Prius: Plus Appearance, Plus Performance, Advanced Technology and Solar roof packages. Plus Appearance and Plus Performance adding 17-inch alloy wheels and aerodynamic body kit (Appearance), and Performance features re-tuned sport suspension in addition to sporty appearance.

Advanced Technology package available for “Five” trim and features adaptive cruise control, pre-collision alert system, lane departure warning system. Solar roof package available for “Three” trim level and features sunroof with solar-powered ventilation system. For the “Four” it also adds upgraded navigation system with 7-inch HD display and other minor features.

Prius Plug-in hybrid trim levels

2015 Prius plug-in available in two trims with one optional package. The standard version is identical to “Two” for conventional Prius. In the Advanced trim all features of “Three” and “Four” are added. Technology package adds everything that comes with “Five” trim Prius. The pricing for standard Prius is starting at $29 990, Advanced starting at $34 905.

2015 Toyota Prius plug-in hybrid price: starting at $29 990 up to $ 34 905 (without options)

Toyota Prius 2015 Model Year Tech Specs

Overall information
Toyota Prius, 2015 model year, 5-door hatchback, 5 seats, ZVW30R MY12 series.

Multi-point fuel injection 1,8L inline 4 cylinder, 98 hp @5200 rpm

Electric CVT (1-speed planetary gear), front wheel drive

Weight & Dimensions
Kerb weight: 3020 lbs (1370 kg)
Overlall height/width/length: 58,6 in/68,7 in/175,5 inches
Ground clearance: 5,5 inches

Fuel tank capacity: 11,8 US gallons (45 liters)
Front/Rear brakes: Ventilated disc/Disc


Prices, specifications, options, features of 2015 Toyota Prius could change without notice. You could find up to date information on car maker offical website.
All information above is relevant for US version of a car.

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