New VW Golf GTE Is A Hybrid Version Of a Popular Car


The company Volkswagen revealed the data and images of the new hybrid hatchback Golf with the prefix “GTE” in the title. It will take place along with the “hot” GTD and GTI. At the Geneva Motor Show at the beginning of next month, the novelty will be presented to the general public.

What’s The Difference

From cars GTI and GTD, both inside and outside the hybrid hatchback can be distinguished by accents of blue line on the radiator grille in passing lights, decorative interior accents and nameplates modification. On the dashboard there is a new indicator that shows the charging level of the battery.

Experienced motorists call seventh Golf something akin to a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Yes, from the outside it’s a harmless business “fad”, which neither the form of the body, nor jaunty seat upholstery not like aggressive sports car. No, the multi-colored cell is more like a “smart” tweed associated with scientists, and a spacious cabin and not a small trunk just begging for a garage to couple with kids…

Technical Features and Range

Under the hood of the hybrid car is a power plant consisting of a gasoline turbocharged 1.4-liter engine with a power of 150 hp, an electric engine with a yield of 102 hp, lithium-ion batteries of 8.8 kWh and a 6-speed robotic transmission with a double clutch. The electric hatchback can overcome about 31 miles, and the refueled tank is enough for 584 miles of the way. Up to 60 Golf GTE accelerates in 7.6 s, which is only 0.1 s larger than the Golf GTD with a diesel 184-horsepower engine, and is capable of speeds of up to 134 MPH.

In a mixed cycle, the fuel consumption of a hatchback is about 150 MPGe.

Eco-friendly mode allows you to overclock the hybrid Golf to 130 km / h, but it is worth using both engines and the hatchback is able to accelerate from a place to 60 in 7.6 seconds, with a maximum speed of up to 134 MPH. A lithium-ion battery (264 lbs) with water cooling can be charged for 3.5 hours, but when connected to a powerful power source, the time is shortened. On a fully charged and refueled car, it is possible to overcome up to 584 miles.


As standard, the hybrid car will receive a multimedia system with a 6.5-inch touchscreen that captures driving parameters, provides access to individual capabilities of the car, and also works in tandem with a smartphone for remote power reserve tracking.
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