Volvo S60 Cross Country Is Sedan With SUV Heart


The model Volvo S60 Cross Country can be called with absolute certainty a unique car. After all, this luxury sedan is made in a crossover format, in connection with which the car does not currently have competitors in its class.

Theoretically, the rival model of the Swedish brand could be the once popular Subaru Outback Sedan, but this car has been in production for many years.

It should be noted that the first-ever off-road line of the Cross Country is the V70 station wagon, which first appeared in 1997. After that, the company’s specialists turned into lightweight SUVs and some of their other models, creating the V40 Cross Country and V60 Cross Country.

However, the current version was, perhaps, the most extravagant – after all, the all-wheel drive and increased clearance developers this time equipped the usual sedan.

Base On Standard Car

The all-terrain version of the Cross Country version is based on the Volvo S60 sedan platform as standard. In this regard, the main indicators of the external dimensions of the car correspond to the basic model.

So, the length of the car is 182.5″, its width corresponds to 74.7″, height – 60.5″. The distance between the axles is 109.2″. The amount of clearance for the new Volvo sedan can be envied by the owners of many traditional crossovers, because the ground clearance of the car is 7.9″.

External Appearance

In the external appearance of the Volvo S60 Cross Country draws attention to a stylish plastic body kit, giving the car austerity and brutality. The protection of wheel arches, thresholds, lower edges of the front and rear bumper is not only decorative, but also quite practical, protecting the car body from damage. However, with a clearance of 201 mm, you can not worry much for the condition of the road surface and the height of the pavement curbs when parking.

Narrowness to the appearance of the car provides a powerful relief hood, hanging over compact headlights, forming a strict look of the car. The volumetric front bumper has a complex configuration, integrating a radiator grille made in the form of coarse honeycombs, as well as a horizontal air intake located at the bottom. The sloping roofline of the sedan harmoniously flows from the front to the rear pillars of the body. External mirrors have built-in LED repeaters of turn indicators.

Very stylish car looks from the stern. Skewed to the front of the car, the rear pillars of the body, a compact hood cover, and a rearward-lined rear window form a dynamic, sporty look of the car. From the rear view, the car is more like a cocky coupe than a traditional sedan. The large exhaust pipes, which have a rectangular cross-section, are built into the rear bumper and spaced around its edges. Depending on the chosen equipment, light alloy wheels of 17, 18 or 19 dimensions are installed on the car.

Almost Identical

As for the design and interior trim, there is no difference from the standard version of the S60 sedan. The interior of the sedan-crossover accurately repeats the interior decoration of the cabin of the car in a “civilian” version: here is the same scrupulously adjusted ergonomics of the driver’s seat and high-quality, modern finishing materials. Comfortable seats for the driver and front passenger with numerous options for adjustments and adjustments have a sporty, pronounced lateral support. For safety and comfort on the road, many automobile devices meet, many of which are already available in basic performance.

For example, by default, a multimedia center with a 5-inch color display, dual-zone climate control, a windshield and heated exterior mirrors, a parking sensor, and the City Safety system are installed by default. It should be noted that the only available equipment of the Volvo S60 Cross Country, officially supplied to the markets of the post-Soviet countries, has a wide arsenal of options. By default, these cars are equipped with bi-xenon head optics, an integrated navigation system, leather seats with electrical adjustments, and a host of other service equipment.

Finishing materials used for decoration of the car interior, in their quality fully correspond to the premium segment. The central console and door armrests have polished inserts made from natural wood of valuable species. The steering wheel, front panel and doors received decorative elements from brushed aluminum.

Engine Range

Unlike the nearest related model – the versatile off-roader Volvo V60 Cross Country, which can be selected with a complete pair of turbo-diesel engines or one gasoline unit, the Volvo S60 sedan in the Cross Country version will be equipped with the only possible gasoline unit for the first time. Under the hood of the sedan-crossover install a 2.5-liter turbocharged “five” with direct fuel injection. Such a motor is well known to fans of the brand on the S60 in “civilian” performance. The maximum engine power is 249 hp, which it develops at 5400 rpm. The peak thrust of the engine is 360 Nm, achieved in the range from 1800 to 4200 rpm. Coupled with the engine being installed, the 6-speed automatic transmission is offered. In addition, the future owner of the Volvo S60 Cross Country is equipped with an all wheel drive system, based on the latest generation of the intelligent Haldex clutch, which dispenses torque transfer to the rear wheel axle.

The technical equipment allows to accelerate an off-road sedan to the first 60 in just 7.4 seconds with a speed maximum of 130 MPH. At the same time the car is characterized by a very modest fuel consumption, requiring 8.7 liters of gasoline for every hundred km, passed in a mixed mode (means about 28 MPG).

Speaking of other design features of the Volvo S60 Cross Country, it should be noted that the novelty is no different from the standard S60. Together with the “civil” version of the sedan, the Ford EUCD platform is supplemented with a completely independent suspension. As with most modern crossovers, McPherson struts are installed in the front, as well as a multi-link rear design. The steering is equipped with a modern electric booster, capable of working in one of the three modes provided. All four wheels are equipped with disc brakes, the front pair of which has ventilated disc brakes.
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