2016 Acura NSX Is An Innovative Hybrid Supercar


At the North American International Auto Show in January 2015, the Japanese premium brand Acura officially showed the general public a new serial sports car NSX – the successor to the legendary first-generation model, launched 25 years ago.

Two-door has become one of the most anticipated premieres in Detroit, because its long-awaited appearance was accompanied by several years of development, a year and a half of tests on the roads and constant wanderings for various car reviews in the form of concept cars. The car was not only memorable outside and inside, but it also got a very original technique.

2016 Acura NSX Fabulous Look

Looks like the Acura NSX is amazing – beautiful and powerful physique with swift, aerodynamically adjusted outlines, bold lighting technology with LED stuffing, “muscular” hips and four pipes of the exhaust system. Finish the picture spectacular raznovevelye wheels of original design wheels, clad in tires 245/35 R19 in front and 295/30 R20 at the back.

Acura NSX 2016 Premium Interior

The double interior of the NSX meets an expensive performance – genuine leather, which is not only clad with chairs, but also a front panel with doors, as well as inserts of Alcantara and metal. The showy central console, embracing a colorful multimedia screen and a “climate” block, flows smoothly into a tall floor tunnel that divides the cabin into two cockpits with chic bucket seats. In the direct control of the “pilot” are a relief multifunction steering wheel, flattened in the upper and lower parts, and a modern digital “toolbox” with a color TFT-display.

2016 NSX Is a Hybrid Supercar

On the Acura NSX, a 3.5-liter V6 gasoline engine with combined power technology, a twin turbocharger and a camber angle of 75 degrees is installed in the base behind the seats for 507 horsepower and 405 ft lb of torque, available in the range 2000 to 6000 rpm . Between it and the 9-band preselective robotic transmission is implanted a 48-hp electric motor, assisting the engine in the drive of the rear wheels and generating energy during braking.

The front axle wheels are driven by a pair of electric motors generating 36.5 “horses” and 53 ft lb of rotational traction, which not only know how to “play” the thrust vector in bends, but also work in generator mode. The total potential of the hybrid power plant is 573 horsepower and 475 ft lb of peak torque.

Such characteristics allow the sports car to “shoot” from its place to the sixty in 3.8 seconds and accelerate to reach 190 MPH. The NSX is based on a spatial frame made of a combination of steel, aluminum and carbon fiber with a large torsional rigidity.

The body is made of aluminum and composites, as a result of which the weight of the coupe is 3802 lbs (weighting ratio by axis – 42:58 in favor of the rear). On both axles an independent suspension is mounted on double wishbones with adaptive shock absorbers filled with magnetorheological fluid. The powerful brake system is presented by monoblock six-piston devices in front and four-piston from the rear, on all wheels carbon-ceramic disc brakes are mounted.

The steering system is supplemented with an electric amplifier, and from the stop to the stop “steering wheel” does only 1.91 turns. The control electronics of the hybrid sports car includes four modes of operation – Quiet, Sport, Sport + and Track. In the first, the NSX moves using a “clean” electric traction, and in the rest, the settings of all the main units and assemblies are automatically changed.

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