Audi RS5 Get New Convertible Modification


The previous version of the Audi RS5 was very good. And the new model is absolutely not inferior to her, even courteous what she added in weight as much as 396 lbs. In the cabriolet, the metal roof was replaced by a fabric roof, but this only won. It’s a cabrio!

Roof: off

The Cabrio version differs only in height – 1380 mm. Extreme version with a hard top weighs 3780 lbs, but its roofless sibling is much heavier – 4232 lbs. The interior of the RS5 differs from the usual S5 and A5 in details – fatter D-shaped steering wheel, sport seats with pronounced side contours, speedometer marked up to 200 mph and nameplate “RS” everywhere. In the rest, inside the “extreme” two-door looks as attractive and presentable as the “civilian” models, but it is decorated with aluminum and carbon fiber, diluting expensive plastics, leather and alcantara.

Pretty fast

Audi RS5 cabriolet is a bold and original choice for car lovers of this type. For the most part, technical characteristics are not much different from a RS5 with a hardtop. Seven speeds of an automatic transmission S-tronic with a double clutch in an extreme situation behave very well. Up to a sixty the car accelerates slightly more than in four seconds. The engine with eight cylinders, the displacement of 4.2 liters requires high revs for greater efficiency, especially as it gives out 444 horsepower.

It is rightly considered that this version of the engine is designed for high speeds.


Quickly getting used to the transmission, you will like the pedals themselves, especially in a dynamic mode, as well as an electric power steering is installed to help you. Perhaps, first you will think that it is a bit hardcore for you.

The driving qualities of the cabriolet make a positive impression due to the updated chassis and sporty DRC (Dynamic Ride Control), which minimizes the rocking of the body. Moreover, shock absorbers, connected by hydraulics, can not be helped by the way. The maximum speed on the speedometer is 155 mph, but you can also remove the electronic limitation, reaching a maximum of 174 mph.

The fabric roof is indecently large and on its lowering/lifting it takes about 15-17 seconds. This procedure can be performed at speeds up to 31 mph. With the roof lowered the, by the way, way is not much different from the coupe. But the cost of a cabriolet is higher by as much as 13%. The luggage compartment, it should be noted, is also quite spacious in this model. 10.5 cubic feet of free space for transporting something.
Editor's rating
4.6 overall
  • Safety4.7
  • Performance4.8
  • Design4.7
  • Features4.6
  • Fuel economy4.3

New sportcoupe from Audi is aimed to true driving entusiasts, those who prefer outstanding performance, stiff suspension and enormous G-force while acceleration and cornering rather than comfort.

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