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Bentley has finally laid down the specs for its new market-topping Bentayga SUV. Bentley describes the Bentayga as “the fastest, most luxurious, most powerful and most exclusive SUV in the world”. It is further describes that it has “the world’s finest automotive cabin, which offers unparalleled luxury” in its industry.

2016 Bentley Bentayga release date

The exact release date is unknown, but will be in early 2016. A few days ago Bentley officially presented the new Bentayga SUV, so you could see actual photos in our article.
The delivery of the Bentayga will begin in early 2016.

Release date: early 2016

2016 bentley bentayga pics

2016 Bentley Bentayga specs

The Bentayga is 5141mm (202,1 in) long, 2223mm (87,5 in) wide and 1742 (68,5) high; it is bigger in every aspect than either the Cayene or the Q7, but somewhat shorter and lower than a Range-Rover Sport long wheelbase, which in the meantime gives the deluxe standard the Bentley needs to beat. Bentayga has a mighty all-new 12-cylinder W12 engine under its enormous hood. With 600bhp as well as 900NM of torque, the 2016 Bentley SUV will certainly get from 0-60mph in just 4.0 secs and go on to 187mph.

2016 bentley suv price

These stats make Bentayga as fast in a sprint as a Porsche Cayenne Turbo S, even though the Brit possesses the higher top speed. But despite improvements to the economy, emission and weight of the W12 engine, CO2 is measured at 292g/km and also claimed average mpg is just 22.1mpg. That means, a large fuel tank indicates a range of over 370miles must be achievable.

2016 bentley bentayga engine

2016 Bentley Bentayga features

With such a massive torque amount available, Bentley claims the Bentayga does not require a low-range gearbox. But it does possesses eight driving modes on offer: Bentley, Sport, Comfort and Custom, plus optional four off-road modes. The optional Responsive Off-Road mode enables you to select the surface closest to the one you are currently motoring on.

2016 bentley bentayga front

It is accompanied by a handy display of roll, pitch, steering angle, wheel articulation, altitude and directions. The air suspension system offers 4 ride heights, while there is also an electronic hill decent system.

2016 bentley bentayga rear

The steering is a new electrically-assisted system with a pinion and variable rack, higher geared at the extremities to enable quick low-speed manoeuvring.

2016 Bentley Bentayga Interior

The interior could be configured to seat 4 or 5; only the finest leather will certainly cosset those lucky posteriors. The leather covers 22-way adjustable front-seats with massage functionality, and 18-way adjustable rear-seats in the four-place models. A rear bench is likewise available. And if you are inclined enjoying an impromptu shooting match or lovely sunset, a folding “event seat” is available, upholstered to suit your Bentayga’s interior as well as conveniently stowed in the boot.

2016 bentley bentayga interior

Bentley’s extra-care Mulliner division provides a host of further customization at the buyer’s request. As of launch, the luxury features a “hamper set,” with utensils and crystal, custom Linley china, a fridge as well as a storage space for dry goods. Sections of it could be get rid and used for seats for impromptu outside dining.

2016 bentley bentayga boot

Rear-seat passengers can get a Bentley branded 10.2-inch Android tablet that uses on-board wifi. The rear-seat passengers get the very same level of opulence as the front-seat passengers, with the exact same style of seat used in both front and back in 4 seat designs.

2016 bentley bentayga dashboard

2016 Bentley Suv Photos

2016 Bentley Bentayga Price

The price is expected to start from £160,000 ($248 000) and increasing to £200,000 ($309 000) with some liberal ticking of the options list. So, it will be the most expensive SUV in mass production.

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