2016 BMW 3 series changes



Manufacturer BMW plans to start selling an updated third series in 2016. Model with Touring and Sedan body should start selling in the summer.


2016 BMW 3 series can’t boast a noticeable visual change.

The changes are minor occurred on the front grille and slightly changed headlights have got adaptive led units. They will be installed already in 2015. These lights were previously used only on the fourth series. The lower part of the front bumper has been changed. It has an aggressive look thanks to air intakes. The changes in shape occurred on the rear bumper. Rear lights have a different shape.

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2016 BMW 3 series engines

Manufacturer upgraded engines for 2016 BMW 3 series. Now the model has 330i and 340i are available with increased by 30 HP power. The power plant 340i has new systems and turbo installation. The volume of this engine is 3.0L, denoted as he B58.

The basic version model will have the B48 engine, same as Mini Cooper S. This engine of 2.0L comes with the Turbo system. This new thing will give to the buyer 192 horses. That’s 12 more than before.

Optional is 1.5 liter engine for the 3 series, codenamed B37 that runs on diesel. And yet, gasoline B38. The manufacturer BMW uses this on other models. With diesel fuel it returns 134 HP, petrol fuel obtained 114 HP.


2016 BMW 3 series transmission

Major update touched the transmission. This gave a significant increase in power, at the same time reducing the consumption. There is a new hybrid installation for this series. Interior will get more expensive materials and updated entertainment system.

2016 BMW 3-series release date

Article about the 2016 BMW 3 series has been prepared on the basis of peer reviews and rumors from the Internet. The exact release date and the start of sales is unclear, but there is actual information.


Hybrid 2016 BMW 3 series with Edrive technology

A car with a hybrid engine system has long been in the plans from the BMW manufacturer. The concept model 2016 BMW 3 series hybrid now embodies the result of a long work. This is a real car, which is scheduled for production in 2016 model year. It uses the latest Edrive car driving system.


Such a system will be also used in other BMW models. A year ago, were seen the first prototypes, which were undergoing the first tests. After were done other improvements associated with the concept of 2016 model year. New generation technology involves integrated electric motor with gearbox. This is quite a powerful engine, the car could move around only on the electrics. The second mode of vehicle movement can be carried out with simultaneous operation of the electric motor and internal combustion.


Hybrid 2016 BMW 3 series hybrid engine

If the motor does not require any additional help, the car can run on electric only. The power comes from “li-ion” batteries located in the trunk. A charge may occur at home and during the trip. When braking, the energy from the motor is converted to charge, this is the technology of regenerative braking.

The hybrid engine has a turbo system, it is common with the model concept X5 hybrid. Also has the internal combustion engine with 4 cylinders integrated with the automatic 8-speed transmission. Dislike X5 with 2016 BMW 3 series hybrid, available yet only rear-wheel drive, while X5 hybrid is front-wheel drive. Power unit can give a maximum of 245 HP and torque of 295 Nm. Also available six-cylinder engine. Maximum speed on electrics can be more than 74.5 mph.


2016 BMW 3 series hybrid drive modes

All information about the system control is located on the Central screen. Focused driving technology enables to select the drive mode. available various settings of the car:

  • Comfort;
  • Sport;
  • Eco pro.

Choosing a particular setting, the driver automatically adjusts the suspension settings, gearbox and power unit.

Via buttons on the panel, you can control the operation mode of the hybrid installation. You can enable MAX Edrive. There is a possibility to enable the mode of travel keeping the full battery charge.

BMW manufacturer wants to make the internal combustion engine as an auxiliary, and the electric motor is the main driving force. Therefore, in the future there may be such an Edrive system configuration.


2016 BMW 3 series hybrid plans

The company is working on technology that will be able to make electric motors more powerful, and the battery is even more energy intensive. There are plans to make the battery twice as powerful. This will give the opportunity to overcome the distance and to have a car with power of 500 kW, 670 HP compared with internal combustion. Model with Edrive must replace the Active Hybrid 3.


2016 BMW 3 series release date

As I mentioned before, some of the tech will be available already in 2015, but full update will be in 2016.

Release date: 2016


2016 BMW 3 series video review

Photo of 2016 BMW 3 series

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Prices, specifications, options, features 2016 BMW 3 series to change without notice.


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