2016 BMW X1 Updated and Get New Features


The redesigned version of BMW X1 can be considered as one of their biggest accomplishments in this year. It looks pretty much like a crossover. The predecessor of this car looked like a hatchback and they have taken specific measures to upgrade the exterior of BMW X1 2016 as a result of it. The latest 2016 BMW X1 is expected to be released during the latter part of 2015. Many people who have been impressed with its specifications are waiting for this release date to get their hands on it.

2016 BMW X1 Updated Interior

The developers have brought some significant changes into the interior of BMW X1. The predecessor was lacking cabin space and they have taken necessary measures to deliver ample space for both front and rear passengers. You can also find a command driving position ins 2016 BMW X1, which delivers the feeling of a SUV. Apart from the raised driving position and ample space, the cabin of 2016 BMW X1 is tastefully equipped.

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It comes along with logic controls and high quality materials that resemble the larger models of BMWs. You can find the trademark drive orientation of BMW in this car. It can only be found in few models including the M4 coupe and M3 sport sedan. The connectivity services and telematics have the potential to upscale the luxury features that can be found on the Interior of BMW X1.

BMW X1 2016 Recent News

The 2016 BMW X1 is taller than its predecessor. In other words, you can find an increase of 2.6 inches in this car. This upgrade has helped the developers to bring a crossover look without much hassle. A maze of creases and chiseled lines can be found on the body of BMW X1, which has enhanced its sporty look. Even though this car looks busy, you will be able to experience a luxurious driving experience without any hassle. The developers have increased the center of gravity as well. This has resulted in an increased stability of the car. This car is expected to hit the market in two different versions as front wheel drive and all-wheel drive.

2016 X1 Get Small Turbocharged Engines

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2016 X1 specs have played a major role behind its popularity. When you have a look at the BMW 2016 X1 specs, you will figure out that this car is quieter than the previous models. That is because it is powered by a turbocharged 2.0 liter 4-cylinder engine that delivers 228 horsepower. You will be able to reach a speed of 60mph from rest within just 6 seconds. The top speed of this crossover is somewhere in between 130 to 140mph. This powerful engine is paired with an 8-speed torque converting automatic transmission. Therefore, many car enthusiasts predict that the 2016 BMW X1 will never get a successor because it has almost all the features that people expect from a car.


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