2016 Buick Cascada Is The First Convertible For a Long Time


American buyers were presented with a new car – Buick Cascada of 2016 model year. This model was previously shown in other countries and had other names. This cabriolet was known in Europe and the UK, where in the first case it was called Opel, and in the second case, it was sold under the Vauxhall brand. As for Buick, the new convertible will be the first in the brand line, and this is a very good progress.

2016 Buick Cascada Softtop and Technical Part

Let’s start with the roof, and it’s worth noting that the top of the car is soft, and it can easily recline, even at speeds up to 30 miles per hour. The speed before fully folding is 17 seconds. The interior of the cabriolet is no less stylish because the quality finish and modern systems give the car a special design. The new multimedia system Buick IntellLink is immediately visible on the dashboard. It is a 7-inch screen with Wi-Fi and 4G LTE functions. For the convenience of the rear passengers, the front seats can be extended forward.

Other characteristics are also on the level because with the new front suspension Hiper Strut cabriolet received better and softer handling. Next thing to discuss the engine, which is also quite worthy. The car works with the help of a turbocharged engine and a displacement of 1.6 liters. Also installed a direct fuel injection system, which gave the final power of the car in 200 horsepower (206 ft lb). If you turn on the overboost function, then for a short time the torque increases to 231 ft lb. Power plant is controlled by automatic transmission with 6 speeds.

2016 Cascada Convenience and Equipment

As for space, the manufacturer tried to improve this indicator as much as possible. To improve the amount of luggage space, the developers put a new rear suspension Watts Z-Link, which as a result gave the luggage compartment volume of 13.4 cu ft. If the lid is lowered, the volume will be reduced to 9.4 cu ft. And to make room for more luggage, the cabin was electrically powered by the rear seats, which after folding forms an even larger space.

Each complete set is offered with wheel disks measuring 20 inches, a rear-view camera, parking sensors and a system that monitors traffic on the right lane. If the car starts to fall over, the security bars guarantee the retractable bars.

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