2016 Cadillac XT5 Pioneers The New Line Up of Caddy SUVs


In early November 2015 at the International Motor Show in Dubai, the premiere of a brand new Cadillac XT5 was held. The presentation will take place on November 20, 2015 at an Auto Show in Los Angeles. Now all SUVs bearing the Cadillac emblem will be holders of the lettering “XT” on the body. And the new XT5 from Cadillac is significant in the history of the company, because it is the first car in the new line of off-road cars. Production of new items will start in January 2016 in China and the States. The start of sales is planned for the spring of 2016.

2016 Cadillac XT5 Elegant Look

Headlights – Full LED, look elegant. And down from them go the rays of LED DRL. The front bumper is rather large. There are LED vertical fenders located on it. The radiator’s badge is characteristic: powerful and monumental. The front of the hood is covered with powerful longitudinal ribs.

On the side there are big wheel arches. They fill the tires of 235/55 size. Disks of light alloy, dimension – 20 inches (basic configuration implies the presence of eighteen-inch). The doors are bulging. At the back, we see vertically positioned LED lights. The trunk door is solid. The bumper looks powerful. In the latter, the trapezoidal nozzles of the pipes of the exhaust system were successfully placed. In general, the image is quite powerful and dynamic.

2016 XT5 Premium Interior

The interior is made of high-quality materials: leather, Alcantara, wooden and aluminum inserts. The instrument panel pleases with informativeness. The trip computer is represented by a color display. Pleases the presence of multi-steering. Seats in the first row are regulated by an electric drive and could be heated and cooled. Seats from the back are separate. Plus you can change the level of the backrest incline and move along the length of the cabin. Standard equipment is represented by a fairly broad list. Multimedia is presented by 10.2 inch touch Cadillac CUE System (with support 4G, synchronization with Apple and Android).

The face of the security system is the RearCameraMirror system, which allowed to improve by as much as 300% the rear review. This was made possible by the installation of rear-view cameras in the exterior mirrors. Focused images from the latter are displayed on Heads-Up Display.

There are also many other useful functions and options available: hold in the right lane during the ride, auto braking function, assistant, which will help with the need to move in reverse, control of blind zones, cruise control, which easily operates at speeds from 0 mph up to the maximum numbers and many other useful things.

Cadillac XT5 2016 Has Two Engines to Choose

The car is based on a completely new platform. And the manufacturer made a statement that the novelty is able to compete with such off-road Germans as Audi Q5 and Mercedes-Benz GLE-class. This became possible thanks to the construction of a body made of high-strength steel. In the process, laser welding was used, which made it possible to reduce the curb weight of the car and make it smaller than that of the competitor (100 lbs lighter than Audi Q5 and 330-550 lbs than the GLE) and maintain excellent body rigidity.

Suspension is independent, all disc brakes. There is an electric power steering. Basic is a front-wheel drive, optional – full with Twin Clutch function. The latter will provide maximum stability of the SUV on a completely diverse surface. Optionally, adaptive shock absorbers can be installed.

The engine compartment will contain one of the two variants of the gasoline engines.
– The first is a 4-cylinder, two-liter gasoline engine with a capacity of 269 HP and a Stop / Start system.
– The second – six-cylinder naturally aspirated, whose volume is 3.6 liters. Gives out 310 HP. The chip is that in addition to the Stop/Start system, it has the function ActiveFuelManagement cylinder deactivation technology, which cuts a couple of cylinders during a low load and thus saves fuel. As transmission – it is 8-speed automatic.

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