Chevrolet Equinox Received a Minor Update For Interior and Looks


An update for the Chevrolet Equinox SUV was necessary for the American company. The fact is that the previous version was shown 7 years ago. Then this event took place in the city of Detroit.

After this presentation, the company, of course, created several updates for this model, but they were all very insignificant. Absolutely the same new version of the car was shown recently at the event, which was held in Chicago.

We must admit that the new generation has become more interesting, more modern and better. Modifications are everywhere, both in design and in the technical characteristics of the crossover.

The new Chevrolet Equinox is expected to be on sale this fall. The main rivals of the new Equinox might be Ford Escape and Hyundai Santa Fe

New lights

It starts with the appearance of the car. Front of the novelty has become absolutely new. It has received an original radiator grille, another headlights in the front (this applies to both fog and DRL). The bumper was also modified. All the lights now work on LEDs, but this is only a top-level option and only for North America. The rear part of Equinox actually remained the same. It got huge doors, an ideal top line, solid wheel arches, but small side mirrors. In terms of features, the new car is added to the nice rims of a large diameter. But first of all, the newest lights are stand out, as well as the modern-look bumper in the rear. The exhaust pipes will now be of a different shape. Earlier they were round, and now rectangular.

In order to emphasize the impeccable style of the novelty, the manufacturer can offer its customers two options for rims choosing. They differ in appearance and diameter.

Small tweaks for the interior

Inside the car will be very uncommon and modern, however, as in the second generation of the crossover. The interior is ergonomic and comfortable. It’s worth admitting that this is directly due to American designers.

We must admit that no fundamental changes were made in the Chevrolet Equinox interior for 2016 model year. This is clearly seen in the photographs. But despite this, the novelty has something to brag about.

First and foremost, the dashboard have been modified for the crossover. Now it boasts the highest level of informativeness. All data is displayed accurately and clearly. And in general, the instrument panel has now become more original and modern. All for the convenience of the owner.

The manufacturer also decided to install on the model a completely different handle of gear lever. It is necessary to recognize that in this generation this detail was a weak link and did not liked by almost all specialists. At the top of the console appeared a nice shelf, on which it will be convenient to place various small parts.

Now even in the basic configuration, the car will be equipped with a multimedia system. It is very convenient and modern, because now it is already a necessity.

Other details remained unchanged. But overall, the impression is more than good.

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Powertrain lineup

Surprising, but true. The technical characteristics of the model will remain practically the same. The manufacturer decided to only lightly refresh the crossover suspension, as well as to establish the ideal operation of power plants. At the same time, this improvement did not reduce the fuel consumption of the model and did not add power.

List of the power line of the updated Chevrolet Equinox for the North American market:

In the basic configuration, the car will be offered with an EcoTec power unit. It is equipped with 4 cylinders and runs on gasoline. Its displacement is 2.4 liters, and the power output is 185 hp.
In more expensive versions, the new model will receive a motor with V6 layout. Its working volume will be at the level of 3.6 liters. The power output of this unit will be 305 horsepower.

Despite the fact that the line of engines will consist of two motors, the manufacturer decided not to muddle with the transmission and to present it in the non-alternative version. This will be an automatic gearbox with six speeds.
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