New Compact Chevrolet Spark Revealed With a Bunch Of Improvements


After enjoying some pretty decent sales around the world, Chevrolet is now set to release the 2016 Spark. Car shoppers have become increasingly impressed with this little vehicle, and will no doubt be delighted with the improvements of the latest model.

It is entirely redesigned, and yet will still affordable for the average consumer. Whether you need an economic set of wheels to get around the city, or a dependable new ride that won’t strain your bank account, the 2016 Chevrolet Spark has a lot to offer.

2016 chevy spark review

Chevrolet is expected to launch the new 2016 Spark by the Fall of this year.

The base model will be a 4-door hatchback, and expectation is building as buyers await the arrival of this upgraded, fuel-efficient car.

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Main Features

It seems Chevrolet has responded to the market by taking what consumers already like about the Spark, and made it better.

The 2016 edition will be upgraded from a 1.2L to a 1.4L 4-cylinder engine to improve its power and fuel economy. Horsepower has gone up from 84 to 98, which is a respectable 16% increase.

new 2016 chevrolet spark

If you’ve owned a Spark previously, you will definitely feel the extra boost while sitting in the driver’s seat! There will additionally be some new color choices available in 2016 such as Kalamata and Blue Splash, and they will be of the same eye-catching variety as the others.

Most people are concerned about safety issues when considering a car of this size, but the 2016 Spark has you covered in this area as well.

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2016 chevy spark

Though it received a high rating in 2015, Chevrolet has added safety features such as:

● Rear Park Assist
● Rear Vision Camera(standard)
● Side Blind Spot Alert
● Forward Collision Alert
● Lane Departure Warning

This will serve to compliment the 10 standard airbags and high-strength steel safety cage found on the former models. As if all of this wasn’t enough, wait until you “techies” see what the 2016 Spark has to offer in this regard!

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Already on the cutting-edge with features like the “OnStar 4G LTE WiFi,” it will now have a 7-inch touchscreen on the dash for easy use, as well as Voice Pass-Through system enabling you to sync your smartphone quickly and without great effort. The Chevy MyLink interface also received an update on the new models.

2016 chevrolet spark interior

More details will be released soon, but I think the above information contained in this 2016 Chevy Spark Review is more than enough to excite most people!

Pricing Range

We are apparently going to have to wait until it gets closer to the release date for an exact figure on the 2016 Chevrolet Spark MSRP.

Prices are expected, however, to be in the ballpark of the 2015 editions.

Since they began around $13,095, it will certainly be a bargain worth checking out!

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2016 chevrolet spark msrp
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