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In the time Mini has been around I has certainly made a valid impression in the motor industry with its quirky Mini Cooper model but with its release of the Clubman in 2007, it had a few fingers being pointed at it. People were mostly confused to what it was a station wagon, a sedan a mini vehicle? Well it was all those which caused quite some confusion back in the day. But now the smoke of confusion has cleared and Mini is all set to release the 2016 Mini Cooper Clubman.

2016 Clubman Release Date

The Mini Clubman 2016 is expected to go on sale in January of 2016.

2016 Mini Clubman release date: January, 2016

2016 MINI Clubman Interior

The Mini Clubman 2016 has one of its highlights in the great interior it offers Snazzy to say the least, the Mini Clubman 2016 offers a comfortable environment with mood lights to favor your, well- mood. The ambient make for an excellent atmosphere in the car and make you feel as though you are in a lounge.mini clubman 2016

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The dashboard from previous models has been completely scrapped and fitted with a new sleeker one. The décor compliments the lighting and the power seats just complete the entire thing. The interior leather comes in two great colors, Indigo Blue or Burgundy.

mini clubman 2016 interior

Blue interiors are so 15 years ago, but stayed in the loop with big car names like Rolls Royce etc. but it comes back to the affordable car category with the Mini Clubman 2016. And the circular LCD screen just give of this futuristic aura, with the spacious four door cabin, things are more comfortable than ever.

mini clubman 2016 interior


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2016 MINI Clubman News

Mini is looking to boost sales with performance and function this time rather than gimmicks and parlor tricks. Looking to please the new generation, Mini models the 2016 Clubman to be its biggest car- both in length and girth. You have to understand, for a company named Mini this is a huge thing.

mini clubman 2016

The engine will take inspiration and roots from BMW’s turbocharged direct injection engine. The Mini Clubman 2016 will be released in two models: the normal Mini Clubman and the Mini Clubman S. The S model will have better features. Customization to one’s liking is key in the Mini Clubman.

mini clubman 2016

2016 MINI Clubman S

As mentioned before, the Mini Clubman S will be the alternate version of the Clubman released by Mini. This car will have better features than its sibling and of course will be pricier, but it will be worth it. The Mini Clubman S will offer a 2.0 L turbocharged 4 cylinder engine with 207-lb- torque and 189 horsepower.

mini clubman 2016

2016 MINI Clubman Price

The Mini Clubman 2016 MSRP aims to be at around $25,000 but to be exact is $24,950. The Mini Clubman S however is going to be obviously more expensive, at around $28,000.

mini clubman 2016

2016 MINI Clubman Review

The 2016 Mini Clubman specifications really speak for themselves, the 1.5 lite, 3 cylinder engine giving you a horsepower of 162 lb-ft. The over boost function allows for 169 lb-ft torque.

mini clubman 2016

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